Wednesday, March 11, 2009

last name tag

Rules:  It's Harder Than It Looks!  Hit Forward, Erase My Answers, Enter Yours, & Send It On To 10 People, Including The One That Sent This To You. 

Use The 1st Letter Of Your Last Name To Answer Each Of The Following Questions.

They Have To Be Real Places, Names, & Things.  Nothing Made Up! Try To Use Different Answers If The Person In Front Of You Had The Same 1st Initial.  You Can't Use Your Name For The Boy/Girl Name Question.

______  ** _______


1.  What is your last name? EVANS    

2. A 4-letter word:  EDGE

3. A boy's name:  ETHAN

4. A girl's name: ELLEN

5. An occupation: EXCAVATOR

6. A color:  EBONY

7. Something you wear: EYE-GLASSES

8. A beverage: EVIAN

9. A food: EGGS

10. Something found in the bathroom: EXFOLIATOR

11. A place: EVANSTON, WY

12. A reason for being late: EMOTIONAL BREAK-DOWN

13. Something you shout:  EEEEK!

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