Sunday, March 1, 2009

Help, help I can't Breath!

So I hope this story is as funny as it was last night.
So last night I got to go to my Cousin's house. Which was tons of fun. After making homemade pizza we all played a game. My other cousin and her husband, and their awesome son was there as well. The game we played was called "imaginiff" It has questions that you ask and everyone had a number and then you pick the number that best fit the answer to the question. So the Question was, "If one of you was a mime, who would be trapped in their invisialbe box forever." Everyone laughed and picked me right away. We all laughed about me being trapped not saying a word needing help. Also me writing invisible signs for help and so on. I then said "Well, that's all funny until I run out of air in my invisible box and die." I laughed so hard I cried and so did everyone else. The mental picture of me slowly suffocating away in my invisible box as a mime. My cousin wanted to blog about it as well. I just had to share that funny moment with everyone at my expense. Anyway, we all played and had pizza and had a great time. Thanks again for having us all over.

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EmandZachsmom said...

Thanks again for coming! It was alot of fun!! The best part of the night was watching yourself laugh so hard about the thing you said..!! What a GREAT night!