Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What happened in 2011

First of all, lets look back and see what I have accomplished out of last year’s goals?

Go to Church (definitely working on it. We’ve attended church weekly for the last several months.)

Learn to crochet (I guess technically I’m still learning, but I’m getting better and willing to try more complicated ones.)

Crochet something for every baby that comes this year (Well… My new nephews, Jack and Cooper, both got new blankets from Auntie Liz, friends who had babies were out of luck.)

Cook one new recipe a week (ACCOMPLISHED!)

Clean out the "other" room (Still a work in progress, but I actually think I made a serious dent this year.)


Other things that occurred in 2011:

John worked a second job at the Energy Solutions Arena for several months before the NBA lockout happened and he was laid off.

We attended a U2 concert at the Rice Eccles Stadium you can read about it HERE.

Bought our first refrigerator.

I finished four crocheted afghans. Made several crocheted roses. Crocheted a hanging neck pouch for my iPod. Crocheted a scarf for my sister-in-law.

We watched a lot of movies, both at the theater and at home.

Went to a Ludo concert. It was awesome. You can read about it HERE.

I’ve made six cakes: a TARDIS, R2D2, American Flag, Batman, a Skull, and Perry the Platypus. And I already have 2 cake orders for 2012.

Discovered I’m allergic to a medication.

I hosted a Halloween party that a few people came to carved awesome jack-o-lanterns.

I spent a large majority of the year sick from one virus or another.

I gained a new cat when the idiot neighbor moved out and left the kitty behind.
I learned to love some new music.

I thought I had an ulcer, but my doctor thinks I may just be lactose intolerant… which is sad because some of my favorite foods are made of lactose.

And the year ended on the news that two of our best friends are getting divorced. Too sad.


... as always, of course you can always look at my blog archives if you need to know more of what we did.


What’s new for 2012?

We’re going to buy a house

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