Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Sunday 7/3/2011 – Fireworks at the Evans’ late into the evening where I was allowed to do all the lighting of the wicks. I also tried to light the lawn at the school across the street on fire by chucking ground blooms over-hand and not under hand.

Monday 7/4/2011 – The Fourth of July. I woke up totally sick. My head was stuffy, My nose was runny and I felt like I was drowning in snot. I was quite upset because it was the 4th of July after all, and I wanted to go to the parade. I laid in bed for quite a while and informed my family I wasn’t coming to the parade even though my dad was going to be in it again this year riding on the Veterans of Foreign Wars float. Eventually I forced myself out of bed and into the shower. Then I frosted this cake that I had made:

That looked like this inside:

And we loaded our car with the supplies for the day, and a lot of tissues, and ran to the parade. John let me out on the corner and I ran up the hill to join my family in the usual spot while he drove to his parents to unload... I missed the Davis High School Marching Band, which is something I look forward to, and also missed my dad on his float.

But I did get to sit on the hot hot street with two of my favorite girls trying to catch candy. After the parade john and I went back to the Evans' for a continuation of 4th of July fun. There was a barbeque. Homemade ice cream. Extended family. City Fireworks. and then, finally, more fireworks at the Evans'. This time John tried to light the school on fire with an aerial bloom that should have gone up, but the firework fell over and shot into the lawn at the school across the street. We're pretty lucky that it didn't head towards us in front of the house, or to our cars that were parked at the school.

Yep, I spent the entire day with the family even though I was sick. Touching peoples kids and going through tissues like there was an infinite amount of them. I felt like complete crud by the time I got home that night.

Tuesday 7/5/2011 – John and I took this day off because we were smart. Who wants to wake up the day after a long holiday like that and wants to go to work. We sure didn’t. John helped his dad clear out some yard work while I stayed home sick in bed. I’m sure there was something else we did that day, but for the life of me I can’t remember. I do remember crawling out of bed and getting ready for the day around 1:00 pm-ish.

Thursday 7/7/2011 – We got ourselves a real estate agent and took a look at the house next door it went up for sale for only $80K. Verdict: The house next door is totally trashed... it may only be $80K to buy it, but it would take another $80K to live in it. They only re-sided the front and sides of the house. The back is old cedar shingles that are falling apart. All the carpets will need to be replaced. Several doors. The bathrooms will need refurbished and tiled. The linoleum in the kitchen would have to be replaced. The entire thing would need to be repainted. Don't even get me started on the back yard and the state of the cement patio. Or the fact that the entrance to the crawl space (one of two) is just covered by a warped piece of particle board. So who knows what else other than Banjo is living under it. Then there is the questionable wiring throughout. It is more work and money than we have to put into it and all that would need to be done BEFORE it could really be lived in. I just wouldn’t be worth it to us. We’ll just stay where we are for a while longer.

Friday 7/8/2011 – John’s Mom’s Birthday. We went to Rachel’s and roasted Hotdogs and Marshmallows over a back yard fire. Also, this was the 7 year anniversary of bringing Mahana the Cat into our lives.

Saturday 7/9/2011 – Chris Isaak w/Blues Travelers Concert at Spring Mobile Ball Park. John had to work that night, and I really wanted to go to the concert so I contacted my sister Jessica and convinced her and Toby that coming with me would be a great idea... and it was. the concert was fantastic. I do love Chris Isaak. The Blues Travelers weren't that bad either. Chris Isaak sings good old time rock and roll type music. He of course sang a lot of his own music, but he also threw in some Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins. It was a great concert and a good evening with my girls. There were fireworks at the end of the night... Even Chris Isaak stopped to watch them before he was herded out of the ball park.

Monday 7/11/2011 – We skipped work, because we could, got some grocery shopping done, went out to dinner at Pepper Bellies, and visited Logan and Jenny and their air conditioning. This summer has been crazy for the humidity and heat and rain and the strange weather patterns. We were sitting at home after grocery shopping in the dark, with the swamp cooler blowing on high and all the fans on, but it seemed like there was no respite from the heat. Thank heavens for good friends who called and invited us over.


That brings us up to today.... What's going on with the rest of our month or so? This is what is planned so far:


Friday 7/15/2011 – We’re going to see the Winnie the Pooh movie. I’m excited for this one. I hadn’t actually heard that there was one until like last week.

Saturday 7/16/2011 – “The Music of the Eagles” Concert preformed by the Utah Symphony with my sister Jessica at Deer Valley while John goes to work at the ESA for a Blaze game.

Monday 7/18/2011 – Three days after it’s opening we’re going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 7.2 movie in IMAX.

Friday 7/22/2011 – We are excited to see the Captain America movie with Holly. It will be awesome. (that’s our hopeful thinking.)

Monday 8/1/2011 – Ludo in Concert (Space night) with our friends John and Angie.

Thursday 8/4/2011 (more like Tuesday-Wednesday 8/2-8/3) – Make a Batman cake for a special order for Holly’s friend.

Saturday 8/13/2011 – Another Trip to Deer Valley and the Utah Symphony. This time it will be for “The Music of Queen” while John is at the ESA again for the Josh Grobin Concert. Who will I take to this one with me? It's still up in the air.

Friday 8/19/2011 - Monday 8/22/2011 – St. George! I think this will be our first trip down this year. John’s nephew Mitchell will be coming home from his mission on 8/17 so we’re heading down to see him and hear him speak about his mission experiences.


So... Yeah, that what our calendar looks like. Those are just the planned events... I don't know what we'll do if too many unplanned events pop into out schedule. If you don't hear from us it's not because we don't love you, it's just that we're super busy. But, if we're busy we're not wallowing in our little house.

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Gretchen said...

I actually saw John at his dad's doing yard work. I was going to honk and wave, but I decided that honking was a bad idea since they were using saws.