Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eating with Liz 2011 - Crustless Quiche

Like I have pointed out, John and I have been pretty busy the last little while, and it turns out that when we're busy we tend to eat out more because we're lazy and if we're busy doing one thing it's just that much extra work to expect us to make dinner for ourselves. I guess this means that I have to admit that I have pretty much failed in trying a new recipe once a week… or maybe I haven't. I know I HAVE cooked at least once a week off the menu, I just have no recollection of it… so that means that I most likely have made something new, but it just got swallowed up in everything else that has been going on.
That being said, John made dinner last night. What does that say for these recipes being easy to follow. I had this goal once to teach John to cook, and alas, with our tiny counter space and ill laid out kitchen that has yet to come to fruition, but I do try sometimes… But these recipes are simple enough that I think almost any one can figure them out.
Silly me switched our subscription to the Low-Carb Meal Plan so we'll be eating a lot of meat over the next three months, but had I really thought about it I should have gone Vegetarian so I didn't have to use the stove so much over the hottest months of the year. Ugh! My bad, but I can't change it back. (They only allow one switch per subscription period.)


6 large eggs
5 T milk
½ t nutmeg
1 t salt Pinch of Salt
1 T olive oil
½ c deli ham, chopped
4 oz Swiss cheese slices, cut into pieces

Heat oven to broil. In small mixing bowl, combine first four ingredients; whisk well. Heat olive oil in oven-safe skillet on med-hi. Pour egg mixture, ham and cheese into skillet. Cook until eggs are set around edges. Place on middle rack under broiler about 3 min until brown on top and set in the middle. Let it set and cool.

Sautéed Asparagus

1 T olive oil
½ lb asparagus
½ T salt

Toss asparagus in oil and salt. Sauté in skillet until crisp-tender.

I'm a Quiche fan so I was hoping that it was going to be edible. Turns out that it was really pretty good. It was cheese-y and egg-y. After the fact we discussed that it probably could have used some extra veggies, like green peppers or tomatoes, but that was easily solved by serving it with some salsa.
I changed the One Teaspoon of Salt to only a Pinch because the end result was too salty with the ham. We also used the pre-cut vacuum packed ham instead of straight from the deli ham.
The suggested side dish for this meal was Asparagus, but neither John or I are fans of that particular vegetable, so we substituted it for strawberries and yogurt with some granola on top. Nom Nom Nom.
This made a great dinner, and of course it would make a good breakfast too. It was simple and tasty and filling enough for our evening meal.


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