Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January so far.

What has been going on with the us for the first two weeks of the new year?


Logan and Jenny are getting divorced. There is really no other way to say it. Then to say that we’re disappointed in the actions and events that have lead to this would be a complete understatement. It’s heartbreaking actually. It has been stated in our house that it’s like having a set of our own parents getting a divorce. It’s made for some very frustrating days, broken hearts, anxiety provoked sicknesses, and lots of frustrated cleaning. One never knows how the choices that are made effect the people around them. Sure, immediate family more than others, but friends and relatives, and people who have looked up to you are effected too. And for us, It hurts. I’m sorry for everyone involved, I’m sorry that a hero has fallen, I’m sorry that the damage has been done, and overall we’re the most sorry and sad for their kids.


That being said I have done a lot of frustration cleaning over the last few weeks since we found out. The house needs a good cleaning anyway…


We’ve gotten that extra bedroom livable again without too many sacrifices. The bed is cleared, the floor has been vacuumed, and all the stuff has been neatly piled in the corner. It is now habitable. Sure it’s not cleaned out like I want it to be cleaned out leaving only the bed, the desk and the cupboard… but that’ll have to wait until we move some where with more storage.

The Bathroom has been SCRUBBED. I have lamented over cleaning that tub for years. It just gets dirty and there are days when I don’t think anything is going to get it white again, but then I make an effort. I’m happy to report that the tub is clean and white. What did I use to clean it? Comet. Yes, the old standard cleaning scrub and some mussel. I funneled all of my anger into that poor scrub brush, and lo and behold it worked wonders. I guess all that extra money I spend on cleaners isn’t really worth it when all I really need is some Comet, some Borax and a steam mop. I think I’ll put some effort in to going back to the basics when we move into a new house.

The Living room also got a thorough vacuuming the other day. Floors and couches. I think I need to work a bit harder on the curtains, but those can wait. They probably just need to go in the washer.

What’s next?

Probably the kitchen. It got a good deep cleaning not to long ago, but it still needs some work.


Lets see…. John FINALLY got a job title change and a raise at work. He is now titled “Senior Clerk” it’s about time. He’s been a “Janitor” for the last 8 years and four of those years he’s been working exclusively as a shop clerk, making sure the men and computers are working properly. So this has been a long time coming and it is good that it has finally happened. He’s referred to a lot as the expert with their computer system, but with the title of “Janitor” it didn’t help him out very much when it came to promotions or applying for new positions. We’re hoping that this job title change will be beneficial in a lot of ways.


It’s not a secret that we’ve been looking at buying a house. We’ve seen a lot in the last two weeks. 14 to be exact, and we have liked two of them. Well, we actually kinda loved one of them, but it has another offer on it, and even though we’re still interested, and may be putting an offer on it anyway, it may not happen that that is our house. But our #2 choice isn’t so bad either.

Our real estate agent is a nice guy. Troy Starkey, I’d recommend him to everyone. He grew up in John’s ward in Kaysville, so he’s considered more of a family friend. And as an agent he has been spectacular. He’s funny and opinionated, but we don’t let his opinions sway our choices, he wouldn’t want them to. The only real complaint I have about him is his down play of small homes. We’ve looked at a lot of houses that have small square footage that we haven’t not liked.

The thing is… John and I don’t have kids… we *can’t* have kids. It’s not like this is something I want to tell our realtor. Some days it’s more than I even want to admit on my blog that no one reads. All we need is a little house. All we want is a little more room. So him being so down on “small square footage” houses is a little annoying to me. Besides, more space in a house is just more room I have to clean.


We’ve been ultra busy between time with friends, working, house hunting, and all the other things going on. It’s hard to find us at home. We will definitely be happy when February is over.


My Birthday is Friday.

Andrea is coming to stay at my house for the weekend.

My Grandma turns 90 on Friday and there is a big party for her on Thursday. (At least that’s what I have heard I haven’t really been invited to it yet.)

I’m making a Captain America Shield cake for my little buddy William Brand over the next few days to have it for him by Saturday.

We’re putting offers on a house or two.

We’ll celebrate 10 years of married life on the 25th.


I think that’s it for now.

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