Monday, July 19, 2010

What have I been doing lately?

Audio Books:
Linger - By Maggie Stiefvater - This is the sequel to Shiver that I have mentioned here before. I LOVED IT! .... now I just have to wait until next July for the third and final installment of this trilogy.
North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell - (Not about the civil War) Long Classic novel read by a woman in an English accent that took me nearly 2 weeks to listen too. It was good... but very long.
The Last Airbender - I liked this movie. It did get long in some parts, but for the most part it was generally enjoyable. It looks like there should be at least two more (if it does well enough) I'll watch them when they come out.
Teen Titans: Season 2 - I enjoy this cartoon :)
Video Games:
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - This game has been super fun, if a little challenging at times. As with all the other Lego games that have been released for the Wii this is full of hours of Lego mayhem and comic mischief. This is what has taken up the largest majority of our time in the last two weeks.
Q: What have I been up to lately?
A: Apparently not much.
I'd like to say that John and I have been busy, but the truth is, we really haven't. I cannot account for how our time has been spent these last few months, and that's not just because I can't remember it mostly.
July has gone by really fast.
July 4th came and went, and came and went, and came and went for three days this year, and I thought the holiday would never end. But finally it did, and I bid adieu to fireworks for another year. (oh, how I love fireworks.)
July 8th was my mother-in-laws birthday and the family (minus father Evans and Devin) went to dinner at Pepperbelly's (one of my favorite places to eat in Kaysville) and had a great time. It's always nice to spend time with family. Before we went to dinner though we had to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up a Site-to-Store order, and let me just tell you have annoying that was. First of all, the site to store desk is all the way at the back of the store. Why they can't just have it at the front by the Layaway counter is beyond me. then it took the fellow like 10 minutes to even answer the page to come back and help us. Ugh! if it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't find this mulit-media storage case anywhere else I wouldn't have put in the effort... but now I know for next time.
July 9th was the official 1 year mark of john's major dino-flu attack and he has not had any issues since then. his neurologist has taken him off his medication and deemed him not crazy any more... I guess only time will tell.
July 10th I put together previously mentioned mulit-media storage case and rearranged all the CD's I own. (I have more than I thought) But now there are all sorts of empty spaces in the shelves... I guess its time for more CD's I'm not fond of digital copies, I like to have a hard copy of things I love.
July 13th U2 announced the rescheduled dates for their US tour! This time we got Becca a ticket too. U2 Posted THIS REALLYY AWESOME VIDEO on that seriously almost made me tear up a little... and I got really sick at work and had to go home early.
July 14th John went to the doctor for some cough medicine. Why? Well, John came down with a cold at the end of June that has stuck around and I had my turn with it a few weeks ago. John is still coughing, but other than that he is much better, and so am I. At the end of June my brother and his wife had a baby. Her name is Sophie and she is adorable. We have yet to go over and really become acquainted with Miss Sophie since we have been in and out of illnesses for the last three weeks.
July 16th was a "Pioneer Celebration" at the Conference Center here in Salt Lake City. Really it was a Celebration of 100 years of Broadcasting for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir... but that meant overtime for john, and I got to ride the Frontrunner Train for the first time. All very exciting. It was 104 degrees outside when I finally made it home 1.5 hours after being dropped off at the station in Downtown Salt Lake, nice that I chose the hottest day of the year so far to walk the half mile to my house. Icky! I made it home without dying, and had a nice quiet evening to myself with my laptop and a large glass of ice water.
July 17th I cleaned out my kitchen. I could not believe how much canned food I had in my cupboards that I never used. I think the oldest expiration date was 5/2003 and the newest was 6/2008. ewww. I'll be more conscious of expiration dates for a while. You would not believe how much I threw out! And if felt so good. I have started a new philosophy in life and food. "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." That means that all that canned stuff (even the non-expired stuff) isn't really in the philosophy. John and I really want to be healthier people and I think this was a step in the right direction.
... and now it is the week of July 24th. john doesn't have to work on the 23rd since he works for the Church Office Building he gets the day off for the holiday. I don't. But since the "holiday" is on a Saturday this year I get to participate in Evans family fun ... unless my family decides to do something.
And that will be the end of the month for us.
Sophie's baby blessing will be on August 1st (the 9 year anniversary of my coming home from my mission) and it looks like the entire Pears family will be in town for the event (minus my nephew Jon) I'm really hoping that it WILL be the who family it's been years since I have seen Kim. And the Melot's are coming as well.
As for other things...
I've spent the month writing on a novel that may or may not ever be sent to an agent for publishing, 
I have rekindled my love of writing, and unearthed some characters whom I thought would never see the light of day and explored new worlds from my own imagination and that of others. 
I've also gotten in touch with old friends whom I have loved and lost for a while, and reacquainting myself with others who have not been so lost just out of touch.
I've reaffirmed that I'd like to live by the pirate code "Take what we want, give nothin' back" and to be a little happier with who I am, what I do and why I am alive.
Current Music:
Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming

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Wow you have been busy! I am impressed you remember all that too.