Monday, July 26, 2010

Last week in review

Ninja Assassin - Wow, this movie was full of blood.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Although I don't like Nicolas Cage, and the voice of that nerdy kid drives me crazy, this movie was surprisingly good... Although I don't think "surprisingly" is the right word since Disney movies are very rarely terrible. We both enjoyed it. I loved the music. and the fact that they included THAT scene in the movie just made me smile. and don't forget, when you watch the movie... sit through the credits.
Teen Titans: Season 3 - There are only like 13 episodes per season. We'll be done watching these before we know it. Also, it has been fun watching these because only seasons 1 & 2 were aired on the WB and all the rest never made it past the Cartoon Network so these ones are all new to us.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2 - Wow, a lot happened in season 2 that I thought were further into the series. I guess that's what I get for watching all the episodes out of order on TV. There were a lot of episodes at the end of this season that made me cry. Maybe that was just the mood I was in, or maybe they were just that sad.... Hmmm... I think they were just that sad.
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Season 1 - This is a remake of this series that was previously completed. Anime, go figure. This round of adventures is a little different from the original series and supposedly is closer to the Manga Book series. John calls it the Full Metal Cliff Notes because it just tells the same story from a different perspective. We still love it, and there is enough new stuff in the season that it isn't just repeating itself.
The Big Bang Theory: Season 1 - this is one of the funniest shows every. We laugh so hard watching the antics of those four nerds. I do have a complaint though, it seems that either the DVD, or my DVD player has issues... Originally, the DVD Player wouldn't even load the disk, so we switched players and then the DVD worked but it skipped constantly. It was a brand new DVD Player so I would hope it wasn't the Players problems. I even ran the lens cleaner and it didn't make a difference. So sad, but over all it didn't dim our enjoyment of this comedy.
Monday - Tacos
Tuesday - Homemade Pizza
Wednesday - Texas Roadhouse Ribs - mmmm
Thursday - French Toast
Friday - Spaghetti
Saturday - Garcias
Sunday - Burritos
Saturday was July 24th. That's a holiday here in Utah, celebrating the Pioneer's that settled Utah in 1847. We woke up at 9 am to watch the parade on KSL channel 5. The parade was good, it had the Davis high Marching Band, which was cool. Funny even after almost 16 years I'm still a band nerd. Somewhere in the middle of the parade I made us Cinnamon Swirl French Toast with some of the fabulous Cinnamon Rolls I made on Thursday night. Mmmm they were good with maple syrup and powdered sugar. Later that evening we decided to go out to dinner at Garcias, always a yummy alternative to making my own dinner. After dinner we made a run to the Fireworks stand to purchase some entertainment for the evening.  (first I have to preface this by saying that one of our favorite types of fireworks are the parachuters) We ended up buying a firework called "Captain America" that was 30 (yes THIRTY!!) Parachuters in one compact but heavy box. It was awesome. Some troopers had smoke bombs, some had flags and some were just plain parachuters. So awesome in fact that we had to go get another one to let off when the rest of the family arrived. We'll have to remember that one for next year. :) I give it a two thumbs up for fun.
This week the family is coming in. Not as many of the family  will be here as I had first thought. One Nephew has to start School next week as the Student Body President, another nephew doesn't ever come to anything, another nephew can't get off work, and my sister-in-law is also stuck at work. My brother-in-law is coming for a few days before he has to fly back home for work... but 21 out of 25 isn't bad for one of our family gatherings since we're spread across the country.
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