Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Memories

Olde English Madrigals and Folk Songs At Ely Cathedral
John Rutter & Cambridge Singers

Come Away, Sweet Love

I sang a lot of John Rutter music in my high school choirs. I grew to love his music and it some how defines my teenage years. Oddly enough. My years as a youth were not filled with loud music and fast times, it was sweet and calm and a little classical.
I had always wanted to be a Madrigal, the elite choir of Davis High School, but I never made it. However, my love of this genre of music is still my favorite. I love old music. Elizabethan, Madrigals, anything from the Renaissance era. This collection of songs is one of my favorite from beginning to end.
Just a few of my favorites on this disk are:
Weep, O Mine Eyes - I sang this in Choir one year
Now Is The month Of Maying - I didn't sing this in choir, but I know all the words from listening to others sing it.
April Is In My Mistress' Face - Another one I sang in my old days.
Mother, I Will Have A Husband - Never sang this one and never knew of it until this CD, and I love it.
Greensleeves - Always a favorite of mine ... which leads to a silly story:
Greensleeves came up on iTunes the other day and John said to me, "What is this?" and I responded that it was Greensleeves and the name of the album and then suddenly I was laughing so hard that I nearly choked to death on my dinner because it was "John Rutter." Long ago in the past when I still sang in a choir as a senior in high school my friend Carrie and I created the lie that John Rutter was our father.
Needless to say, we were a couple of silly girls... but what do you expect?
After all, John Rutter is my father.

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