Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today's project

Assemble and organize new multi-media case. Looks like I need more CD's.


Lindsay said...

Nice! James brought his DVDs to the apartment recently so I organized all of our stuff. I'm worried that we won't have enough room for his CDs too. CDs are fantastic, aren't they?

Scarlet said...

CD's are fantastic! I love having a physical object for the music I own. I hate all this MP3 stuff going on.. but I buy into that as well.
I got this fantastic Multi-Media storage case at for like $49 it holds a great many CD's. I had to get more storage space after inheriting most of Lariann's music because we all know that Scott wasn't a fan of it.
also, for all of our DVD's we moved them into a portable CD case that we haul from room to room. That way we don't have to stand in front of the wall o'DVD's and try to pick a movie... we still haven't decided what to do with the empty cases yet... they are currently in boxes that the cat sleeps on.

Funny story: It was a few months after John and I got married and I was laying on the floor in our living room staring at the CD rack and I thought tomyself in a great panic !! why did I mix all our CD's together, I'll never be able to separate them out when it comes time for transfers !!
Thankfull we haven't been transfered apart yet and I have stopped worrying so much about mixing our stuff together. :)