Monday, September 14, 2009


Well here it is, another week already.


The current count down until U2 is 38 days! Yay! I'm so super excited. There was a little scare last week as to whether or not Norm would still be coming with us but that was resolved and hopefully it will all work out the way it is supposed to. I really didn't want to sit by strangers for the biggest event of the year.


There are 42 days until the release of The Gathering Storm! Book # 12 in the Wheel of Time Series. This is a much awaited book and even though the original Author, Robert Jordan, passed away September 16, 2007 it is being completed by a UTAH author Brandon Sanderson. Chapter one of the novel is currently available on Tor.Com. True, you have to register for the site to read the chapter, but it really doesn’t hurt and you can always un-join later. I really liked the chapter that is posted. I read the first chapter while at work last week and I have to say .... I LOVED IT!
It felt different. The writing style was unfamiliar and not RJ's voice, but what did I (or anyone else) expect. Once I got into the chapter though it was fine. It passed by a little too quickly for me like it was missing so much. But then I realized that the author wasn't describing everything in minute detail like RJ always did. Not that that's a bad thing, just different..
All in all, it was great and I did love it and I can't wait for the book to come out. I had almost had myself convinced that I needed to buy the Prologue when it is released 9/17 as an ebook, but in the end I decided that I really don't NEED it and I can wait until 10/27 for the book to come out.


International Talk Like a Pirate Day is this Saturday, September 19th. I'm super excited. So far the only plans for the day are to stay in watching Pirate movies and drinking Grog ... (which in my house is spiced cider. no rum for me...) Put together with some saltines and jerky and we'll call it a day. So far the movies on the Pirate list are the following: The Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, and 3. Muppet Treasure Island. Treasure Planet. It was also discussed that we should rent Cut Throat Island and the Pirates of Penzance but we'll see if we make it to the video store this week.... does anyone else have a good Pirate movie that could be added to our list??


The Lawn FINALLY got mowed this past Saturday (for the first time in almost a month). Boy was that a job! First of all the weed-whacker needs some serious help. It seems that no matter what I do I can't wrap the string correctly and this last time I successfully got the string wrapped around the motor and chipped the casing that stores the twine. Nice! Then, John was mowing the front lawn and the mower gave up the ghost about half way through. I would almost guess that we weren’t supposed to be doing yard work that day. Ugh! When it was all said with and done, John's dad brought over his mower and finished off the front yard for us, I got the whacker working just long enough to finish off the front yard, sprayed the house down with hot soapy water to kill the box elder bugs and washed the bug guts off the front door... At least now our house looks a little more civilized so that the neighbors might have a better time selling their house across the street when the neighborhood doesn't look like it's filled with miscreants and hobos.


To finish off my Saturday I ended up with a super migraine. Probably because I was dehydrated. And my wrists were killing me. Left more then right, but both of them hurt none-the-less. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold an ice pack on your head, and your wrist while trying to find a comfortable position to lie in so you can sleep but failing miserably to do so because every time the bed wiggles nausea blurs the world and you have to decide which is better. Pull over the garbage can or go lay on the bathroom floor which bring you back to the part where you’re trying to hold an ice pack on your head and your wrist and trying to fall asleep….. grrr. So I have been nursing a sore wrist all weekend, but only have one of them braced at a time so I don’t feel like a gimp with both arms constricted. I did leave my brace at home this morning on accident. It was the left one, but it seems that my right wrist is the one needing attention this morning so bring the brace to work with me wouldn’t have done me any good in the long run.


In the end I said to John “Maybe we should just buy a town house.”  but since we all know that that is not what I really want I amended my statement a little later to… “Maybe next year we’ll hire someone to do the lawn.” And that sounded much better to us both. Apparently I can have a house and hire someone to do my yard – meaning I have House Space, which is really important to me… But I can’t/won’t own a townhouse where the landscaping is included – because I can’t stand being that close to my neighbors. Good yards and good fences make good neighbors.


What else… Noranti is still scared of everything and very protective of the laundry every Saturday. Mahana my cat with the little head (we’ll forget that her body is the side of a ocean liner) she’s just as angry as ever, and yet she’s tamed down a little in the past few months. She still wont let strangers pet her (except Erin for some weird reason) but she’ll make a little more effort to sniff them and investigate them closer then just glaring from across the room. That’s a step in the right direction. And for some strange reason Mahana has rediscovered the kennel in the TV room and makes that her napping spot while we’re playing video games. She is so bizarre sometimes. Silly kitties.


Any other notable events ?? I’m not thinking of any. . . Coventry Health Care, Inc. is currently posting for 3 positions in the Credentialing Department… That’s right, you’d be working with me, but if anyone is interested you can go to the Coventry website and look it up. WWW.CVTY.COM search for job posting in SLC.


Oh yeah, I was also reminded over the weekend of my uncanny resemblance to Velma from Scooby Doo... though I haven't worn orange sweaters and short skirts for years ... funny how that pops up all the time :)


It looks like this is all for now.

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the princess and the pirate- with Bob Hope- one of the funniest movies ever made!