Thursday, September 24, 2009

Books are made of paper

There was a discussion on one of the websites I frequent recently about Brandon Sanderson having the draft for A Memory of Light posted online. But I just wanted to clarify that that is not true. Brandon Sanderson has some of HIS writing up online, not The Gathering Storm. You can find Tons of stuff about Brandon and his writing at you can check out his writing skills and follow-up on his threads about writing The Gathering Storm as well as his reviews and observations about all 11 (+ a prequel) books of the wheel of time.

Chapter 1 of The Gathering Storm is also posted on so you can peruse the merchandise. The Prologue was also released as an eBook on 9/17 so you can go find that to buy if you want to read one of Brandon/Jordan's work.

Another excellent way of following up on WoT news and information is on

As for the writing - Chapter one was great. It was missing a lot of description that Jordan put in about EVERYTHING, but it left a lot up to the readers imagination to fill in with your own Jordan-esque description, which I liked. At the beginning of the chapter it "felt" different reading it but as I got into it and it was just the WoT again.


I purposely did not read to many Sanderson books prior to the release of The Gathering Storm because I didn't want to know what Brandon sounded like vs. what Robert Jordan sounded like. I did read Elantris and War Breaker but in just 2 book I couldn't really get a feel for him as an author, but I think he'll do okay... I guess we'll all find out in 32 days. !!


I had a grand plan of re-reading the entire series before the release of The Gathering Storm. I started reading The Eye of the World back in May and I'm still reading the Eye of the World and it's September. I just don't have the time to dedicate to reading that I used to.

I would suggest reading a recap of all the stories up to the point of TGS if you don't want to actually sit down and read the books. I have been catching up with the plots by reading the Wheel of Time Re-Read on Here is the link to the index page:
Wheel of Time Re-Read Index

I have been enjoying reading this ladies reviews and it has gotten me up to speed. She is currently in Book 6 with her posts and is supposed to have them all reviewed before the release of the book.


Okay, now that I have just nerded myself out for the day I’ll stop talking about these books.

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