Friday, September 4, 2009

A nod, a wink, another drink, I am the domino man

One of my favorite holidays is coming up this month....

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day - And that's September 19th of every year. I love it! I have always wanted to be a pirate... at least since I was a little girl, and having a holiday to celebrate it now is just awesome. Visit for more fun information.

And now, just for fun, I have two product plugs I want to tout for the day.

First off, I just bought myself a Shark Steam Mop and I LOVE IT! My kitchen floor was screaming to be mopped but I broke my sponge mop and hadn't felt like replacing it (and like I have said before, I don't think my house has been cleaned since May) but this past week I got the bee in my bonnet to get something done. My husband bought me my steam mop as an early Christmas present. and I must say, that next to scrubbing bubbles, it is one of the greatest cleaning tools ever. My floor is so clean and shiny.

Second of all, I have discovered the wonders of The DivaCup. And after successfully completing my first cycle with the DivaCup .... I say "I'll Never Go Back!" That is all I’m going to say about the DivaCup, if you want to know more visit the website and read about for yourself… Suffice it to say, I totally <3 DivaCup.

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