Friday, September 4, 2009

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd catch the rest of the world up on my goings on....


Fist of all, the best news yet, the lawsuit against me has been dismissed. Make a note, if you are ever suing someone make sure that your Lawyer shows up to the court dates otherwise the case may just be dismissed in the other persons favor. -- That is all I am going to say about this at this time because according to my lawyer the other party can still file to have the dismissal over turned for the next year because of the way that it was dismissed. So I will do my caper of joy, but not to long or loudly. Yay!


Next on the agenda, We have finally finished watching the entire 9 seasons of the X-Files. I was excited to be watching them again because I loved the show so much and due to my mission I missed the second half of Season 7, all of season 8 and the first half of season nine so I was excited to see those episodes that I missed. . . and my opinion is .... I didn't miss much. I'm glad that I can finally put together the story of Scully's baby and figure out where Agent Doggit came in. But as for the episodes/seasons as a whole I could have done without. Once Mulder left the show mid season 7 it just went down hill and even though he popped in now and then to say hi, that's about it. The episodes were sub-par and I wish that they could have been better. There weren't enough episodes with Scully and Doggit actually working together to get a feel for them as partners or to make you like Doggit. Then there is Agent Reyes. I could have lived without her too. In the end, I still cried when the Lone Gunmen died, and I sobbed when Scully gave up her baby for adoption. Now it's on to watching the Lone Gunmen series and the latest X-Files movie again before I call this viewing complete.


Health wise... we're doing okay. John still has Dinosaur Flu (aka  Pseudomigraine with lymphocytic pleocytosis). He has been to his Neurologist and the dose of the medication he is on was upped and he hasn't had a problem since. However, as a residual effect of the medication he is always tired now and can't find the energy to do a lot of things. Sadly our lawn hasn't been mowed since July now and it's looking a little shabby... but I'm not going to push him into taking care of it on Saturdays where his is so exhausted that he can't function correctly. Also there is left over numbness in his left side ever since the major episode back in July that sent him to the ER. He says that its an all over feeling of tingly numbness that just doesn't go away. That just makes me sad.

As for me, I'm still the same as always over weight and depressed. No changes there - except for the crazy dizzy spells I have been having since June. Our family doctor has done blood tests and says I'm fine, but when I feel like I'm going to fall over all the time I don't agree with him. But oh well. Maybe if I do all and hurt myself I can sue him and get lots of money.. har har har. Still not pregnant and no light at the end of the tunnel. But other then that I'm good. 


What else has happened lately?? 


We have had 2 trips to St. George once over the July 24th weekend for one of John's nephews' mission home coming and then again a few weeks later for another nephews' mission farewell. It was totally fun to got down and visit the family. John's sister is so much fun to hang out with (as well as the rest of her family.) While there on this last visit it happened to be free admission weekend at Zion's National Park so we didn’t have to pay the $25 cover charge to get in which made the weekend more awesome.    I think I hiked for a total of at least 8 miles that weekend. We spent our Saturday in Zion’s National Park hiking the trails and checking out the scenery. And Sunday we took the long way home and drove through Bryce Canyon and hiked there as well. It was great, but I was SO SORE by the time we got home.  It’s amazing to me what a beautiful place Utah is. Even though I have lived here all my life this is the first time I have really been able to visit a lot of the local sites (my parents weren’t big on family vacations) so this is all mostly new to me. 


Last night John and I went to see the Scarlet Pimpernel Musical, at the Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake, with my sister and her roommate. I loved it. I'm not to sure that I loved the actors, but the musical itself was fantastic. The Theater is an "in the round" type of theater and on initial inspection it looked like the stage was too small, but once the play started the floor rotated and rose up out of the ground to create a multi-level setting which was quite nice. I'll have to mark my calendar to remind myself that they will be doing The Pirates of Penzance next August. I'd really like to see that.


So that is really about it for the time being. Nothing new or terribly interesting with our lives - really just the same old, same old.  


Becky said...

It is good to hear that things are going fine. Jacob has some dizzy spell issues a few months back and they just slowly went away. Good luck in all areas.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I read the link to what John has and I understand that even less! They need someone to translate it into plain english!
And I am jealous that you got to see The Scarlet Pimpernel. I think they re-did the score a while back. I haven't heard the new one- I just have the original sound track. Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my favorite books. I think I will read it again this week!

Scarlet said...

That is why we call it the Dinosaur Flu. It makes more sense to us that way.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the update! I hope the medical issues work out. You guys have had enough of them!

How many days until U2? ;)

Meggers said...

i think i missed something, what lawsuit? who's suing you?