Thursday, September 10, 2009


So ...  my hands were dry and I was starting to get paper cuts so I reach in my purse for some lotion and without thinking I open it up put some on and as I'm closing the bottle I realize that it is "Shania Starlight" - Shania Twain Shimmer Lotion that Scott gave me. First of all it made me laugh because it reminded me of Scott's fascination with Divas and secondly because of Scott and Lari's ongoing banter about his choice in women. . . but then I realize it was _shimmer_ lotion and I just rubbed it all over my hands! Ack! Now I have sparkly hands which led me to "shimmer time" and my sister-in-law Rachel and how absurd she is sometimes... But above all else I just need to scream I HAVE GLITTER HANDS!


Lindsay said...

I can imagine you screaming "I have glitter hands!" so vividly. I miss you guys. And Lari.

Becky said...

We do not have glitter in the house! Not even decorations, if it has glitter no matter how cute it is or who gave it to us, it is gone. Glitter is the gift that no matter how much you try just keeps on giving and giving.