Thursday, June 17, 2010

A poem

To Youth

This I say to you:
Be arrogant! Be true!
True to April's lust that sings
Through your veins. These sharp Springs
Matter most...After years
Will be time enough to sleep...
Carefulness...and tears...

Now while life is raw and new,
Drink it clear, drink it deep!
Let the moonlight's lunacy
Tear away your cautions.
Be proud, and mad, and young, and free!
Grasp a comet! kick at stars
Laughingly! Fight! Dare!

Never fear, Age will catch you.
Slow you down, ere it dispatch you
To your long and solemn quiet...
What will matter-then-the riot
Of the lilacs in the wind?
What will mean-then the crush
Of lips at hours when birds hush?
Purple, green and flame will end
In a calm, grey blend

Only graven in your soul
After all the rest is gone
There will be ecstasies...
These alone...

-John Weaver

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