Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Circus does make me smile

On the way into work this morning we passed the Circus Train traveling into Salt Lake City. I have only ever seen the Circus train twice in my life, funny, considering that we lived close enough to the tracks growing up that the windows would rattle each time they passed.
The first time was in the dark as john and I were waiting to cross the tracks to get home one night and the train just kept coming and coming... it's a long train.
Here is a picture to give you an idea  of how long the train is:
This morning we saw the train chugging south bound as we were driving to work at 6 am. The sight of the train was spectacular. It's not like the one on Dumbo, it's mostly made up of sleeping cars and freight cars that look like this:
But the end of the train is just car after car of these:
Like I said, nothing spectacular, but I love seeing it anyway. This morning as we were cruising down the freeway at 80 mph to catch up with the train, there was one loan man standing in one of the doors of the train so I waved... and would you believe ... he waved back.
That just totally made my day. Thanks big black Circus guy.
I have never been to the Circus... Well, I think I have been to A Circus before, but I have never been to THE Circus. I think I will have to one day. Maybe when I have someone to take with me.
and then, I just really liked this picture....

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