Monday, May 3, 2010

Turn off the idiot box

Looks like we spent a lot of time watching TV last week:
Hamlet: As preformed by the Royal Shakespearian Company - 3 1/2 hours later everyone except Horatio dies. If that was a surprise to you then I'm sorry for ruining the ending. We watched this on PBS Great Performances and we're mostly not disappointed. This version of Hamlet is set in modern day-ish style which in this case I wasn't too fond of. I did love the cast though. David Tennant was Hamlet (he was Dr. Who #10 and also in that other series of movies as Barty Crouch Jr. if you were wondering.) And Patrick Stewart who played as both Claudius and the ghost of King Hamlet. Both played their roles excellently. I didn't like the lady who played Ophelia she was dumb. but for the most part we did enjoy it. I do prefer a more classic version of Hamlet with period clothing and acting, it just doesn't seem right to me that hamlet is running around in jeans and a t-shirt.
Fruits Basket - Anime cartoon dealing with the Animal of the Zodiac. I love the cat. I can't say to much about this one because it would ruin the surprise of the whole show, but I will say that I am sad that there aren't more episodes then what there are. Very cute.
Transformers: Seasons 3 & 4 - I did not sit down and watch these seasons with John like I had planned to, but I just wasn't into this last part of the series. These episodes were released after the original transformer movie in 1986. It was set in the future 2005 ("ooooohh... the future" said in a voice of sarcastic awe from the year 2010) I wasn't a fan of these as Optimus Prime had been killed in the Movie. (If you didn't know that I'm sorry to break it to you.) Most of the episodes were on Cybertron with all new Transformers, though once in a while Bumble Bee would show up or the ghost of Starscream. Megatron was cloned and named Galvatron who was the leader of the Decepticons, and that was lame. Rodimus Prime was the leader of the Autobots. And for being Dead, Optimus Prime sure made a lot of attempts to come back. (Oh, and by the way, when saving the Galaxy, it is always better to have an 80's Monster Ballad playing. It makes the moment so much ... muchier.)
Coming in next Monday's installment ...
Iron Man 2 !!
I can't wait to see it!


Lindsay said...

Speaking of British stuff, have you ever seen the US version of IT Crowd? It's weird! Joel McHale plays Roy, Denham is black, Jen is annoying and for some reason, Moss is still Moss.

I heard series #4 is coming up!

Scarlet said...

I didn't know there was an American version. I love the british version. I keep meaning to buy it but something always comes up.
I guess I'll have to look it up online.