Saturday, May 8, 2010

And now I ache all over ...

Part Three of Flower Bed fun.
Step 1: Kill Husband with bad back
Step 2: Complete!

Well, this morning was fun. We got up to do some yard work. Or at least I got up to do some yard work, and after an argument about who was mowing the lawn it turned out that the lawn mower didn't work anyway. It needs a new fuel line. So now it is buy a new fuel line and the tools to fix it, or go back to our usual argument about just buying a new one. We don't really want to buy a new one, so we'll just go on arguing until the lawn is another 6 inches long and we cave in and hire someone to come do it for us. But since we had all that spare time I wrangled John into helping with the flowerbed.... Doesn't it look nice. We got rid of a tone of grass clumps, and the giganto root that was running across the front of the house. But it looks pretty good now. I got the stones seated into the ground and the earth turned. The next step come with adding an additional layer of new top soil and some mulch. Once that is done I can add the Creeping Myrtle that has been sitting on my porch for the last three weeks while we waited for the rain to stop. I have always loved the flower beds that grow in front of my mom's house. It was an excellent ground cover, and needed very little work. I have been meaning to plant some over the last 6 years we have been in this house, but I just hadn't found any at the garden shop, or I've been too poor or lazy. So I decided that this year is the year.
The front of the house is so shady that it is nearly impossible to get anything but grass and weeds to grow there. On the side of the lawn where I have put the flower bed there used to be Daffodils, but in the last few years they have stopped blooming. I usually get the leaves to sprout, but never any blooms. The front of the house is in pretty much full shade until June and the soil is so sandy... I'm not sure which was worse for the flowers. Probably a combination of both. I have decided that I need to find shade friendly flowers and plants. but the MUST be perennials. I don't want to replant anything year after year. I just want them to bloom without much help from me. Creeping Myrtle is just that plant. Shade friendly, grow anywhere, hard to kill type of plant. Mom had to argue with me about what the plant was called, according to her it is not creeping myrtle, but I have learned that it is called many things, i.e. creeping myrtle, periwinkle, and vinca as just a few examples. Needless to say, I picked up the right plant, because even if I didn't know it by name, I knew it by sight. Well, now we are both tired and sore, showing our battle wounds from fighting with mother nature this morning, but I've gotten one more step along in my quest to have an actual flower bed. Yay!!

Next ... Step Four:

Top Soil

And some Mulch


Rachel said...

I found some shade seeds at lowes right where you walk in the front and they have all their flower seed stuff. It's a shaker container, seems easy enough!

M.O.M. said...

I have also planted periwinkle in my flower gardens here because they remind me of there... plus it stays green all year which is a huge plus since we do not get snow.