Friday, May 21, 2010

I know a girl who's like the sea...

In light of my sore disappointment today, I'm throwing this up as my sacrificial album of the week.
       No Line on the Horizon
  1. No Line on the Horizon
  2. Magnificent
  3. Moment of Surrender
  4. Unknown Caller
  5. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
  6. Get on Your Boots
  7. Stand Up Comedy
  8. Fez - Being Born
  9. White as Snow
  10. Breathe
  11. Cedars of Lebanon
This album was released March 3, 2009 as the first new U2 album since "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" was released back in 2004. When I first got this album, I was excited for new U2, but the first time I put it in I was disappointed. I'm not sure what I was more disappointed in, the sound, the shortness of the songs, the not too catchy tunes... but then, after having the CD in the car for a few days, it grew on me. I don't think this will ever be in my list of best U2 albums, but I don't hate it so much anymore.I have a few songs on this album that I love, a few that I like, and still some that I could leave or take.
I have been more impressed by the remixes of some songs that have been released. There is an entire album of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't go Crazy Tonight, that I prefer over the album version, and even more then the remix album of just this song, I prefer the live techno/dance version that they perform at their U2360° Tour. This version was released on their "Artificial Horizon" CD that was release to members. "Artificial Horizon" also has a remix of Get On Your Boots, that I prefer over the album version.
My favorite song on this Album is Moment of Surrender. True, the song is about "a drug addict having a crisis of faith." according to Bono, but when the song really hit home to me, I was having my own crisis of faith. I think everyone has those from time to time, and the song just resonated with me. I remember sitting at my desk one day with my ear-buds in listening to my iPod when this song cycled through, and I cried. Who hasn't felt like this?
"At the moment of surrender,
I folded to my knees,
 I did not notice the passers-by,
And they did not notice me"
I do enjoy Breathe. I have to laugh though, because when I do a song search in iTunes for "breathe", I get at least 10 results, apparently it's a popular name for a song, or maybe we all just need to breathe instead of rushing through life.
"We are people born of sound.
The songs are in our eyes.
Gonna wear them like a crown. Oh-oooh.
Walk out into a sunburst street.
Sing your heart out. Sing my heart out.
I found grace inside a sound.
I found grace; it's all that I found.
And I can breathe.
Breathe, now."

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