Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movies and Memories

The Movies:
Tales of Symphonia: The Animation - If anyone appreciates the Tales of Symphonia game that was on GameCube, they would love this. Basically it's all of the animations from the game with some additional content to make it a complete story. It is entirely in Japanese so you have to use the subtitles, but that didn't distract at all. I love the animation, and the story of Lloyd and Colette and can't wait to get my hands on the second set of anime from this game. but it's only being release in Japan currently so it may be a while until I can get it for myself. I recommend both the video game, and the DVD.
Iron Man 2 - As I stated on facebook the other night "Iron Man 2 = AWESOME!! I <3 Tony Stark" The movie really was awesome. We saw this in IMAX, because, face it, IMAX is just the way to go for a movie like this. The action was spectacular. Tony Stark was the self absorbed rich boy that he's supposed to be, and Robert Downy, Jr was a good looking as ever. He is starting to look a little old though. (Maybe it was because I was staring at his big beautiful face in IMAX, but his got some crows feet. I'm not complaining, because age is good for a person instead of botox, it was just something I noticed, just like the little gray hairs upon his head.) There were little things about it that drove me crazy like Tony's shirt changing color in his opening scene, how ugly and horrible of an actor Mickey Rourke is, and the orange palms of Mr. Hammer (dude, wash your hands after applying self tanner.) But as a whole, the movie was fantastic. It's one I would absolutely see in the theater again.
The Memories:
It was Friday night, May 8, one year ago that John and I saw Star Trek in the same IMAX theater, the night before Lariann died. It was surreal sitting in the lobby waiting for the movie to start, like we had done this all before and the outcome was bad. As I sat through the movie my phone vibrated in my pocket and my heart skipped a beat, it was only my mother, but the memories it brought back really choked me up. But it all felt like a replay of last year, even though it wasn't. After the movie we got home around 9 pm and I stayed up until midnight fidgeting around the house because I couldn't sleep and every time I had a moment I thought of Lari and cried. I did get my night stand cleaned off though. all the books have been moved from my night stand to the living room floor. Sure, it's not really putting them away, but it got them out of my way. It helps a little.
This last weekend all went pretty much like that. We were both pretty blue. After all of the yard work in the morning, we went to dinner with the Bredthauer's on Saturday night to Javier's in Layton. It was one of Lari's favorites. Dinner was nice, and we spent some time remembering Lari. It was harder than we thought it would be. Sunday was mother's day and the official one year anniversary. The day sucked. We did get up and go to breakfast with John's sister Rachel and Devin and Kira and John's mom and dad at Rachel's house. Devin made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. John brought the orange juice. We skipped church, again. We stayed home most of Sunday to wallow. When Monday came along, we didn't feel like going to work so the two of us called in and stayed home. We got a few errands run, but for the most part, it was a very quiet day as we lived in our own thoughts and memories.
We're still just trying to get used to the new "normal" and one day maybe it will be better.

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