Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November, The Month of Thankfulness

Nov. 1st – I am thankful for friends and family who take my love of Halloween and quirkiness for what it’s worth and love me anyway.

Nov. 2nd – I’m thankful for discount veterinary clinics and the hope of quiet in my house again.

Nov. 3rd – I am thankful for a husband who lets me watch Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle without too much mocking.

Nov. 4th – Feeling very … Bleh, meh, ugh, grr, today. I am very thankful that it is Friday, even if I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow.

Nov. 5th – I am thankful for Musicals that make me smile.

Nov. 6th – I am thankful to be an Auntie today. Even though I can’t have kids of my own I am surrounded by little people who allow me to love them.

Nov. 7th – I am thankful for an extra hour of sleep that helped me to get to work on time.

Nov 8th – I'm thankful for Facebook for hooking me up with old friends, distant cousins, and family who don't live close enough to hug.

Nov. 9th – I am thankful for having a job. I may not like it all the time, but at least I have one.

Nov. 10thI'm thankful for Pie... even though I don't get to have a piece until very late this evening... Hurrah for Pi Day the 314th day of the year.

Nov. 11th – I am thankful for Veterans. I am thankful for the men and women of the armed forces who give their time, and lives, to help keep me safe and protect the freedoms that I have. I’m thankful for my friends and family, past and present, who have chosen to serve their country.

Nov. 12th – I’m just thankful to be me.

Nov. 13th – I am thankful for my warm bed on lazy snowy Sundays.

Nov. 14th – I'm thankful for good books that stir the imagination and help me believe in the unbelievable.

Nov. 15thIn honor of "I Love to Write Day" I am thankful for my own imagination. I'm thankful that I have the ability to put words to paper and tell the stories that dance through my brain. I'm thankful to be literate and for the people, authors, teachers, and friends that have inspired me to be a writer... even if I'm the only one who ever reads what I write.

Nov. 16th – I'm thankful for the comfort of knowing that death is not the end. I'm thankful for my belief in eternal families and for the knowledge that I will see those who have passed again.

Nov. 17th – I am thankful for my ability to cook. This may not seem that impressive to some, but to others it is quite a feat.

Nov. 18th – I'm thankful for a silly husband that can make me laugh until I cry... even at six-thirty in the morning when I'd rather be sleeping.

Nov. 19th – I'm thankful for my family. Each member is special to me for many reasons. I'm lucky to be a Pears AND an Evans.

Nov. 20th – I'm thankful for naps today. Long ones. In warm spots. Next to someone I love.

Nov. 21st – I’m thankful for relief society sisters who, even though they haven’t seen me for nearly three years, welcome me with open arms.

Nov. 22nd – I'm thankful that ten years ago today my best friend asked me to marry him, and that I said yes.

Nov. 23rd – I’m thankful that 48 years ago today the most awesome television program was released on to screens in the UK ushering in one of the greatest and long running science fiction shows ever. Thank heavens for Doctor Who.

Nov. 24th – I am thankful for time spent with the people I love.

Nov. 25th – I'm thankful for quiet time.

Nov. 26th – I'm thankful for long weekends used for laying around, sleeping in and being able to get thing done in my own time.

Nov. 27th – I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and his teachings. I'm thankful for the person I am because of what I have learned and the examples of Christ I have in my life.

Nov. 28th – I'm thankful that my two best friends also happen to be my sisters.

Nov. 29th – I'm thankful for co-workers who I can laugh with and sometimes call friends.

Nov. 30th – I'm thankful for my health. This last day of November completes the first full month of me not being sick (knock on wood) since July. I'm grateful for the medicines, doctors, hot soups, warm drinks and cozy beds that help me feel better.

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