Monday, August 29, 2011

Movies: This Weeks Edition

Fright Night (2011) – This movie was great. We saw this Friday night to get out of our hot house and spend some time with our friend Holly. Mostly we saw this movie because it had David Tennant in it. but He was just a pleasant highlight. For the most part we all really enjoyed watching this. The language was terrible (as it usually is for this quality of horror movies) as we don’t believe that every other word in a sentence needs to start with the letter F and have four letters. But whatever. A vampire moves into a Las Vegas neighborhood and then people start disappearing. The boy next door is clued into the fact that something is wrong and then the movie goes from there of trying to run from the crazy vampire and trying to kill it as the same time. This was a very entertaining kick off to our Halloween Movie Month for 2011.


Burlesque (2010) – Good movie. I am totally fascinated by the world of burlesque. I think it all started back with Moulin Rouge, so when this movie came out last year I told John I wanted to see it. And he quietly admitted that he wanted to see it too. It took us a while, but we finally rented it… and we loved it. The story goes that a small town girl from Iowa moves to LA looking to be a singer and stumbles upon a Burlesque club and falls in love with the idea of working there. By being a push devoted person she gets a job and it’s all up from there. There’s is a love story, and a story of persevering no matter what mixed in. It stars Christina Aguilera and Cher.


Live Free or Die Hard (2007)Matt Farrell: “You just killed a helicopter with a car!” John McClane: “I was out of bullets.” – This movie never gets old.


Die Another Day (2002) – One of my least favorite Pierce Brosnan Bond films. But still good none-the-less. Bond is off the record and trying to find a villain that escaped him. This includes: Exploding diamonds. Face changing. A giant satellite used to kill people. And an Ice hotel. All great fun. It also has Madonna in it. Least favorite part of the movie: Halle Berry.


Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) – So much better than expected. It wasn’t to campy or cheesy and was enjoyable to watch. Brendan Frazer, while looking for clues to the disappearance of his brother, discovers that Jules Verne wasn’t full of it when he wrote his book. This was a good family movie.

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