Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

Well, it's been a while since I posted about a favorite out of my collection. Recently John and I have moved all the music on our computer to an external hard drive and as I've been going through, deleting duplicates, I have been reminded about how much music I have that I love so very much. Here is a CD that played a lot during my high school years.



   Under the Table and Dreaming

             Dave Matthews BandUnder the Table and Dreaming - album cover


The Best of What's Around

What Would You Say


Rhyme & Reason

Typical Situation

Dancing Nancies

Ants Marching

Lover Lay Down

Jimi Thing


Pay For What You Get




Under the Table and Dreaming was released September 1994. I don't think I really thought much about the album until the summer of 1995 when there was a boy I worked with at Lagoon named Eric Clark. I used to call him Jack for fun. He was a sweet quiet kid from Bountiful, but very funny and a good friend. He asked me to go to the HORDE festival with him that summer where Dave Matthews was performing, of course I said yes because I wasn't often asked out on dates. Jack also took me to another DMB concert the next year. He was a great guy, and the Dave Matthews concerts were totally awesome. Thus began my love affair with the Dave Matthews Band. This CD is the first studio release for the band, and it contains a lot of great music.

This was one of the first albums I bought for my budding CD collection... and sadly enough it's also one of the first Albums that my nephews helped destroy with little shoes full of sand. I still have my original copy, it's been smeared with CD repair cream so many times over the years, but it skips and sounds terrible when listened to in a player. I haven't bought a new copy yet, but one day maybe I will.


A few of my favorites off this album are:

The Best of What's Around

What Would You Say


Ants Marching

and my favorite off the entire album is Dancing Nancies


Why is Dancing Nancies my favorite you ask? Well, I think it is because it is the first song I heard off this album. I heard it sung by the band Colors, at a concert in the Davis High auditorium (probably back in 1994.) I fell in love with the song back then and decided that I needed it for my own. It's always been a favorite of mine.

I would definitely recommend this album for you if you enjoy some good jazzy, funk-rock, southern cookin' music to listen to. They're great.

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