Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update about me ..

Well, I had my appointment with an actual MD - OB/GYN instead of my CNM yesterday. It was my initial consultation for "infertility". It went pretty well aside from the fact that she was running back and forth between her office and the birthing center because she had a laboring mother and a distressed baby. I waited in the waiting room for an hour, and then in her office for another 45 minutes before she ever showed up. Understandable, yes, but completely frustrating. I almost got up and walked out several times.  It stressful enough already admitting to someone outside of my family that it's taken so long to get pregnant, but being forced to sit in an office for 2 hours stressing over it and losing courage and thinking about all the things my insurance wont cover... it was killing me.


I finally said I'm leaving in 15 minutes of she doesn't show... and then she arrived. We discussed all the usual. How long have you been trying? How much do you weigh? Did your mom have problems? Are you shaped like your mom? Has your husband had a sperm analysis? What do you eat? What did you have for dinner last night? What are your cycles like? How long? How much? Last one? Blah blah blah… and all these questions were punctuated by her ringing phone and her having to pop out of the office again and again.




In the end it was concluded that I need to lose weight. At least 10% meaning 23 lbs according to the scale at her office yesterday.  That was really no surprise to me, I know I’m over-weight, thanks for pointing that out. Again.


I have also been scheduled to go in on 1/25 for a Sonohystogram. That’s my 8th anniversary.. What a fun way to spend the afternoon together :P


It’s supposed to be done 5-7 days after the first day for menses, so if my system follows the pattern it has been, it will fall in that area. However, if it comes early or late I have to reschedule the whole thing. While they are doing the sonohystogram they are going to shoot some air bubbles up my tubes to make sure they are clear.


That’s the first step. She is putting this all under coding for Anovulatory so the insurance company will cover it.  Nice for me. She didn’t take any blood or do any tests yesterday because she was so busy, but she is requesting all the blood-work from our family doctor that was done a few months ago, when I was having my crazy dizzy spells, so she can see what tests she doesn’t have to run.


Now I’m one step closer to knowing what is wrong with me and why on earth I can’t get pregnant. I’m afraid that in the end I’ll just fall into that “Unexplained” category and just worry and fret for the rest of my fertile years about why I can’t have the one thing I want the most in life.  But it is a step.

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