Thursday, March 29, 2012

broken spirit

Broken Spirit

by Liz Evans 3.29.2012

I need to not feel like this.
I am not a teenager
Who can mope around
Wearing black
Blaming the world for their problems.
I’m an adult
I want to lock myself in my room
I want to cry over the unfairness
of the choices placed before me
That aren’t really choices at all.
The bleakness engulfs my heart,
Shrouding my brain in fuzzy cold darkness.
For no reason whatsoever.
The need to pull a blanket over my head
And just let the world go on without me
This feeling is overwhelming.
But I can’t.
So I put on my lipstick,
I paste on a smile,
And hope the tears don’t fall to loudly
As I pretend I’m okay
And life goes on.

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