Monday, February 21, 2011

Follow-up ...

So… the French Onion Soup turned out pretty good yesterday. It was quite tasty, but it was missing…. Something. We had so much left over that we took a tub of it to John’s parents and they enjoyed it too. Father-in-Law says that maybe it just needed more salt, or perhaps the onions needed more caramelization.




Today I have the irrational desire to permanently stay home and learn a lucrative craft so I can just be crafty and not have to work in an office anymore….


What kind of crafting should I take up?


Elisa & Josh said...

I love reading your blog. Your recipes sound so yummy! I need to start being more domestic and try to make some of them. Oh and if you DO find a craft to take up, teach me too! Ha ha.

Lindsay said...

I think you should needle point snarky sayings on pillows and wall hangings. I think you could come up with good sayings.

I get those feelings too, even though I usually spend a good chunk of my day at school being crafty.