Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why use dinosaurs as spokesmen

Yesterday we had our annual cleaning at the office of our dentist. Dr. Smith, he's a nice man, even though he usually gets annoyed with my husband and his perfect teeth because that means he can't get any money out of him. But me on the other hand, I was cursed with british teeth. it doesn't seem to matter how often I brush them some how they are always falling to bits.
This Particular visit to the dentist brought to pass the cavity. A small one as my teeth go, but a cavity none-the-less and I had to go back today to fix it. I set the appointment for 8 am this morning so that I could just get it done and on with my life so I psyched myself up for this appointment. I got there early enough to nap in my car after dropping John off at work and then I mustered my will and walked in to the office 10 minutes early. I was momentarily delayed in the waiting room and then escorted back to the chair. the doctor stuck me with some Novocain and then the drilling began. Then it stopped. It took all of 10 minutes to fix my tooth and that included numbing time.
Wow, I thought, that was quick. I don't know that I have ever had a 10 minute dentist appointment. I was amazed. But then my bottom lip was numb for the next 4 hours. which was very annoying. It made lunch very hard to eat and water very hard to drink, and I realized that I didn't want water. I wanted a Dr. Pepper. So the search began for change. but alas all I have in my purse are pennies, and there is 25 cents in my drawer but that isn't enough for a drink... and then when all else was looking bleak... I found a can of Pepsi in my drawer.

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Lindsay said...

Four hours is an awfully long time to have a numb lip. My dentist is sort of funny because he'll do minor drilling without the novacain. Most of the time I'll agree and then grip the armrests like there's no tomorrow.