Saturday, January 23, 2016


I admit it. I am addicted to Playmobil.  The people are so cute and their world so fun to play with.  But oh my goodness have you seen how much it costs to buy them a house?
I might be a spender,  but I can't justify to myself paying for a Playmobil house when a box is just as good. Besides, when ordered from Amazon, they're delivered directly to me in their own potential mansion.
I have taken several boxes and created simple, fast, utilitarian apartment buildings.
Yet, I wanted something more.  I wanted a mansion house with a peaked roof, windows, and style. 
I started working on this one being more exact with my measurements and making it a bit more sturdy.
In my mind this mansion belongs to a group of international art thieves so of course it needed to be fancy.
I gave it a stained glass window with a gilded frame. (I'm currently reworking the stained "glass" so eventually I'll show you how it turns out.)