Friday, November 8, 2013

Put your best face forward

Was this a good makeup day?
It's true. I don't wear make up. I don't really like it. I buy it periodically, but very rarely does it end up on my face. I personally believe that I have a nice face and don't need to add the junk.
I haven't always believed that. I used to cake my face in Jr. High and High School for occasions that called for it.  There were some days that I wore TOO MUCH, and other times I think I got it pretty right.
No one ever taught/showed me HOW to wear makeup. It was all trial and error on my part.
No makeup makes me happiest.
I'd layer on the base. Add some Blush. A little more blush. Eyeliner. Eyeshadow. Lipstick. (Always lipstick. If I heard anything my Mother and William Shatner ever said to me was that "You always feel better with lipstick.") Then layers and layers of mascara. I have nice eyes, but my lashes leave something to be desired. 
My makeup collection has slimmed down over the years to lip stains, eyeliner and mascara and that seems to work just fine for me.
Recently, I was provided a free sample, courtesy of Influenster, to try out Rimmel London SCANDALEYES RETRO GLAM MASCARA ...and I have to say... I am in love with this stuff. 
Its non-threatening black exterior gives no hint to the awesomeness held within.

Here are my application tips for Retro Glam Mascara:

1) apply liberally to lashes
2) be fabulous

It seriously only takes one application to get your lashes looking huge and awesome. 

I was honestly contemplating getting lash extensions the last few weeks after getting to try some out. Lash extensions can start as low as $79 for your first full set, and then there is the maintenance that runs about $40. But then BAM!! This happened. Rimmel Mascara is available for less than $7 most places. 
It also doesn't look terrible under my glasses. Which is a reason I don't wear mascara that often. Being a glasses girl creates all sorts of limits to what you can and cannot do with your eyes. I'm impressed that this mascara is so light, non-clumpy, drys fast, and only takes one application, to make my eyes look so great. 
Remember back at the beginning of this post when I said I don't wear make up very often? Well, this stuff has been worn every day since I tried out out on Monday, and I am pretty sure it will continue to be used.

I did receive these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. They did not influence my opinion.

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