Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Happening?

Yesterday John and I rearranged the TV situations at our house. The TV Stand from upstairs went downstairs. And the TV stand from downstairs went upstairs. Sounds simple enough right? WRONG!
While the upstairs to down stairs worked out perfectly the downstairs to upstairs didn't. It was too wide for the space provided. We thought about selling. We thought about trashing it. But in the end we did some disassembly.
We knocked the two side shelves off and left only the center of the stand. Sad because it was an awesome TV Stand with great storage... but out of the two disassembled shelves I was able to build one complete shelf to go back downstairs for DVDs. So in the end it worked out great.
Also there was a TON of boxes in our basement that needed to be broken down to go in the recycle bin. We had a great plan that involved dinner, a movie and some box slashing.
This is how the night went:
*  First we did all the moving, and in the middle of that the pizza came.
*  Put the pizza in the kitchen and finish demolishing of the new upstairs TV stand.
*  Take pizza and drinks downstairs, but first we have to put all the furniture down there back in place.
* But wait, before we can move the TV stand into place I want to trim the carpet so the stand will stand flat on the ground. (It was half carpeted and half bare.) I cut off a foot of the gross old green carpeting that is just there on top of the cement floor. It was gross.
*  Clean up that.
*  TV stand goes into place with new 55" television. Shhh.... it's our Christmas present.
*  Hook up Blu-Ray Player & Wii.
*  Turn on a movie while I set up "dinner" and wish that I had the coffee table from the garage, but am too lazy to get it, so I use a stack of video game boxes and my basket tray. 
*  By this time the pizza is cold. Good thing I like cold pizza.
*  We watched Prometheus. It was alright.
*  After pizza had been consumed we piled boxes in the open space and started breaking them down with our utility knives.
*  Slice slice slice. Cut cut cut.... and then I stabbed myself in the knee with my knife. Ouch. I put a hole in my nice comfy work pants, and my leg. It bled like crazy, but it is only about 1/2 in long.
*  John scrambled for Band-Aids and super glue after throwing a tissue box at my head.
* Once the wound was glued shut, John finished breaking the boxes down and we watched the end of the movie together. (The ending that kept going and going and going. Seriously it had like four places where it could have/should have ended but it didn't.)
All in all it was a very eventful night.
The TV stand we moved upstairs has yet to be moved into place because the TV up there needs to be taken off the wall and lowered to the appropriate height. I think that's tonight's plan... after the physical therapy for my elbow.

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