Monday, November 5, 2012

And now for something completely different....

Now lets get into some other things in our Life…

It has been a long time since I have had a chance to sit down and compose my thoughts in to something.

Anyway… It has been a crazy busy year. It’s gone by way to fast. I don’t recall much of the months prior to July.

We bought a grill back in May, and spent many days on our back deck enjoying it… We LOVE our house. It has been so perfect for us.

Back in July I got to keep my brother’s 4 kids for a week while Keith and his wife moved all their stuff to Ohio. Rachel, (Keith’s wife,) couldn’t leave the state until August due to custody issues with their middle child. They two youngest are Keith’s the two oldest are from Rachel’s prior marriages. So since Keith took everything to Ohio with him I basically had 4 kids and a mom at my house for the entire month of July. Which I didn’t really mind.

We did go to St. George for a weekend in July for our nephew’s wedding. We all thought it was a little crazy to get married at 2 pm in the middle of July, but we’re just the family so we didn’t have a say in it… but the wedding was nice. No one died of heat exhaustion and there was ice cream.

August… well, that’s kind of a blur too. All I remember about that month is that we bought a new car. Because we wanted to, not because we had to. We now drive a Toyota Highlander. It’s dark blue. My favorite color.

In September we went to St. George again to visit John’s sister over Labor Day weekend. Her youngest was being ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood.

Saturday morning September 1st  Kristin insisted that we go hiking, but my knee had been hurting I didn’t want to hike. Brother-in-Law Scott suggested shooting and 4-wheeling. Since 4-wheeling isn’t hiking I was all for it. After all, I’d never been 4-wheeling before... We should have taken the 4-wheeler breaking the back window of Scott’s truck as our bad omen… but we didn’t. When Scott finally had the 4-wheeler unloaded he asked who wanted to drive and I piped up and said that I did.

Dumb move.

Before even taking the first turn onto the trail I ran the 4-wheeler up a incline that ejected both myself and John from it. John was able to recover quickly and stop the 4-wheeler from coming back on us, but me on the other had was a different story.

As I said… I flew a few feet away from the ejection site. I remember landing on my butt first and hitting my head, but I don’t remember using my arm to brace myself.

I thought I had just sprained my wrist, and after a trip to InstaCare and an x-ray of my wrist I was presented with a new wrist brace and an ice pack and was sent away.

Fast forward to 11 days later and my arm still hurts like crazy so I go to my family doctor. After a few x-rays of my wrist and my elbow I’m sent to my Orthopaedic surgeon and he informs me that I have a broken elbow.

This time I left the doctor’s office with a nice blue sling. They didn’t cast it because it wasn’t that bad, and there was not going to be any surgery because the fracture was less than 2mm. I guess I’m just lucky I didn’t break my head. So I spent most of the month of September drugged and in a sling.

I am not required to wear my sling anymore, but some days it goes on just to stop my arm from hurting… yes, it still hurts. It probably will for a long time. This is the first bone I have ever broken.

On into October, and all of those summer projects I had on my list to do had to get done before it gets too cold. We were super busy….

  • Painted room in basement for office space.
  • Refinished the old wooden desk for my office.
  • Installed a door to my bedroom.
  • Chalkboard painted some coffee tables.
  • Decorated for Halloween.
  • Had a Halloween Party.

Also, we took a trip to Denver to see Van Gogh at the art museum there. And while there we took a drive up to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, spent “A Day in Pompeii” at the natural history museum, and visited Molly Brown’s House after dark for Victorian Ghost Stories from the Sea. Which was pretty awesome.

We went with My sister Jessica, her roommate Toby, and Toby’s mom Pila. We had a great time. It snowed on us for two days. We ate at some “trendy” restaurants and got lost in some slums.  

We did watch several movies for Halloween-Movie-Month, but I can’t think of what they were. We did really enjoy The Cabin In The Woods. Now it’s on into Musical-Movie-Month.

Up until I broke my elbow I had been doing really well with my Cake business. I made a wedding cake for a friend at the beginning of August, and a grooms cake for a friend’s sister at the end of August. Both were pretty awesome. I’ll get them up on my cake blog eventually.

Anyway, that’s my life up to this point. I hope you have been entertained… Until next time.

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