Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movies: At Our House

The Invention of Lying (2009) - Some of the dialogue was unnecessary. I understand that the point of the movie is that no one lies (and apparently has no inner dialogue) and that most of the time most of the population of the world are thinking naughty thoughts, but come on. Really? I almost turned the movie off before it had really gotten started... but I didn't. The rest of the plot was good. Man discovers lying and tries to make the world a better place, but due to his imperfections he is likely to lose the one thing he wants most. I think I cried a little near the end.
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) - This movie was pretty cute. There were some bits that were totally unnecessary, but as a whole I really enjoyed watching it. Sad boy dumped by girlfriend is out looking for a concert and finds new love before the night is over. They bond over music.
Castle in the Sky (US release 2003) - John and I watched this movie not to long ago. We loved it. The story is fantastic and the animation is great. There were some parts where it was like "huh?" but not to much. I would recommend this as a good movie for the family. A girl falls from the sky with a magic stone and the two children have to learn the truth and make it to the castle in the sky before it's too late.
The Green Hornet (2011) - Such. A. Waste. Of. My. Time. We watched this last night and have officially decided that it was really stupid. Seth Rogan is a terrible actor. The story was lame... The only reason we watched the entire movie was because Kato was worth it. this is one we'll never watch again. The language was fitly We're glad we didn't actually pay to see this in the theater. That would have been such a disappointment for my birthday.
Thor (2011) - LOVED THIS! There was nothing in this movie that made me think less of it. I'm glad that the excitement for it at our house was not unfounded. I would highly recommend this to everyone to see. Not just fans of superheroes. There was nothing disagreeable in the movie. I don't even remember hearing any of "the" swear words. Go See It. You'll love it too. Thor is cast out of Asgard and has to learn some life lessons. Loki, is scheming. Midgar is troubled. Odin is old. Havoc ensues.
TV on DVD:
Doctor Who: Series 4 (2008 TV Series) - The Doctor saves the planet, nay, he saves the universe, with the help of Donna Noble. I wasn't a complete fan of Donna before watching this series all the way from beginning to end, but I'm a little more fond of her now. Not by much, but I am.
Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (2009 TV Series) - Of course David Tennant can't end his time as The Doctor in a regular series episode. Oh, No, the BBC makes you buy a whole other set of DVDs with 4 episodes on.
Doctor Who: Series 5 (2010 TV Series) - Matt Smith as The Doctor with his companions Amie and Rory. Still not sure that I buy into this new Doctor, but I will. There are good and there are bad, Matt Smith just isn't selling it to me yet. Maybe in Series 6...
Firefly: The Complete Series (2002 TV Series) - John and I spent an entire Sunday watching the complete series of Firefly. What a great series. What a shame that it was canceled so soon. Joss Whedon doesn't get enough appreciation for these great shows that he creates. By the end of the last episode I was pretty attached to all the characters and pretty annoyed that THAT WAS IT. This show could have been so great with so much going on. Sadly there is no more... except the movie Serenity that came out a few years later... Too bad. There was quite a bit of naked, and some made up swear words, but nothing too terrible because it was a TV show after all.
Serenity (2005) - Technically a movie, but really it was kind of a finale to the Firefly series so I'm listing it down here. This is a movie you have to watch to tie up the ends of the series that was canceled. This was a good wrap up... for what it was. I wanted s much more of the adventures of the Serenity crew, but this is all we got. It did make some things better, but it also left a lot hanging. It was a sad reminder of what could have been, but we loved it anyway. It was shiny.
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010 TV Series) - What great animation! This is one of the best Marvel Avengers series' that I have watched (slept through.) John really loved it. It's currently on Disney XD channel so season 1 just came out on DVD. I would definitely recommend this as one to watch for all you superhero fans. the animation is great. The story lines have been great. The entire first season is pretty much an introduction to all the characters. Here's to hoping season 2 will be just as exciting.

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