Monday, January 11, 2010

Another year older... and wiser too?

Wednesday is my 31st Birthday. and I am so not excited. I think I may have hit my midlife crisis early because I feel the weight of the world and all the things I haven't done or wanted to do or need to do but nothing ever gets accomplished and I never seem to move forward with my life... Bah-humbug to my birthday this year. I'm sure the world is not as bad as I make it out to be.

One thing above all is bothering me this birthday week, more than others in the past, and that is the fact that my uncle has decided that for Grandma's birthday this year (We share a b-day) He is taking her to his house and ONLY her children are invited to come.  He's done this for the last 7 years or so and it makes me so mad that he is so selfish. What if I want to see MY grandmother on OUR birthday?! I have been viewing him as a big jerk the last few days since my mom told me that I wasn't invited. I came up with a slogan for this day many years ago that I have wanted to have put on a shirt for several years now - "It's my birthday too Damn it!!" It's bad enough that growing up we'd always go to grandma's house for the birthday and Grandma would tell me happy birthday and give me a present and then the rest of the family would come and wish grandma a happy birthday and shower her with love and gifts and acknowledge her... and I would sit in a corner with no more recognition for the evening that is was my birthday too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my aunts and uncles and cousins, but I have always just wanted a little bit of acknowledgement on my birthday from those who I loved. I was having a birthday too, after all.
Then to top it all off, I got my treadmill last Monday. The Creator and our brother-in-law got it all set up, plugged it in, and..... NOTHING. The dumb thing doesn't even work. Now we are waiting for the company to send an entirely new electrical system to see if that will work. Its so frustrating to spend so much money on an object and not have it work. Grrrr. I have sat in my TV room all weekend just glaring at the stupid thing between running around like crazy, napping and farming on facebook. Ugh! Hopefully we'll get it up and running soon and I'll be more likely to drop some weight.

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Lindsay said...

I think you should put that on a shirt. You could use those cool iron on letters. I hope your treadmill is up and working soon. Maybe you can hold on to your anger and frustration and then let it out on your treadmill. I find that I run best when I am really pissed (in the non English way.)