Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tombstones and annoyances

It has been 185 days of no Lariann, she passed away on May 9, 2009. It is now November.


The family ordered a tombstone for Lari in June. It should have been in place by the end of July... delay. It should have been in place mid-August.... delay. It should have been in place by the end of September... delay. It should be in place mid-October... delay. It should be in within the week... delay.


I guess the person who they have making the tombstone isn't completely at fault. The first try was delayed because he was just slow. The second try was delayed because the Kaysville Cemetery had changed their size requirements since the last time he had placed a monument there (granted he should have read the paper work that was given to him) so he had to take the stone back and resize it, then have it approved by the family. The 4th and 5th tries were because he was lazy... and the last attempt is because as he was resizing and preparing the stone for transport... It broke.


So I have come to two conclusions on this....


Either A) Ken is completely incompetent

or B) Lariann just doesn't want a tombstone


Since I'm pretty sure that Lariann doesn't have a say (or care) about this, and though I profess to being in a believer of ghost, paranormal activity, and poltergeist phenomenon... I would hope and believe that Lariann is at peace and has better things to do with her time in the eternities (like watch over her daughter, further the work of the Lord and prepare the way for those who would follow) then to torment a poor tombstone maker.


Thus leaving the Ken is incompetent theory as my only reasonable answer.


I do feel a slight (more then slight) bit of responsibility for this ongoing issue. I am the one who suggested* that the family go to Ken because he works with John and seemed to be a reasonable guy.


*John had forgotten that Ken made tombstones so it was I that brought it up. And, being in the "john's friend" category he was willing to offer a discount.


But over the months since the stone was ordered Ken has failed on so many things. Starting with his failure to read the paper work given to him regarding city requirements. Then, instead of contacting Scott or Lari's parents, who are the ones paying for the stone, he calls and whines to John that the city changed its regulations, he just hasn't had time, the stone is to big, the weather is to bad... blah blah blah. all things he should be discussing with the people who PURCHASED the stone, not John.


Finally, several weeks ago (the beginning of October) Ken had called John to say something about the stone and John flat out told him to "JUST PUT IN THE STONE" that's what the family wants and it's taken long enough. This final time as Ken was making sure the stone was cut to the specific requirements it broke*... Really? Are you serious? What does one have to put up with just to get a marker for their dead loved one?


*I guess it's a little blessing that it broke now and not 10-40 years down the road, this way HE has to pay for it and not the family.


So that’s the story with the tombstone… as of last night it still wasn’t there. The last word I heard is that the stone should be installed by Thanksgiving. Will it happen? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


By-the-way, I will NEVER refer anyone to Ken for their monument needs again. This is one customer who is absolutely NOT satisfied.

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