Monday, October 19, 2009

yep, that's my life

An explanation for all the pictures below... Friday night, I received a phone call from my eldest brother offering tickets to Star Wars In Concert. the only hitch was, it started in Salt Lake City at 8:00 pm and it was 7:28 pm when my phone rang. But I wanted to go so I packed my husband into the car and zoomed to SLC going 75 mph in hopes of getting there on time.


For being a Friday night, the traffic wasn't anything I expected it to be so we had clear sailing all the way in. We parked and then walked the block to the Energy Solutions Arena just in time to meet up with Norm, grab our tickets, dash down the stairs, sit down (Norm put us in floor seats just off to the side,) and take a breath just before the lights went out.


It was just the same old Star Wars music, preformed by the Star Wars Symphony Orchestra (how cool is that?) and Choir, but throw in a gigantic screen showing clips from all 6 movies, some awesome pyrotechnics and to top it all off ... Anthony Daniels as the host/narrator made it just that much more ... geekey?


Side Note: Sure, there were a few moments* where each of us had to stifle some tears at the thought that Lariann really would have liked to have been there, but the concert itself was amazing.


*There was also a moment in there when Senator Bail Organa hands new born baby Leia to his wife, and Obi-Wan hands over the new born baby Luke to Aunt Beru where I got a little teary eyed and wished that someone would just hand me a baby to keep for my own…


They had a lot of Star Wars memorabilia in the halls, including original costumes, art work and weapons. I took pictures of a few things, but I only had my camera phone so they didn't turn out as good as they could have.


Side Note: I loved that they had the Yoda puppet in an action pose. I like Yoda more now after Episodes 2&3 and his action sequences. That makes him more then just the wise old sage, it makes him the wise old sage who could also kick you butt.


Above all, we loved it.


What else happened this weekend? No much, thank goodness. Saturday, for the most part, was pretty slow. I slept in until 9:30-ish, got up, dyed my hair, got dressed, covered my hair in super-hold aqua net*, played on the internet, ironed a shirt, dressed my husband, had family pictures taken**, ate dinner at Garcia's, came home, folded laundry, watched a movie, watched Saturday Night Live, and finally went to bed.


*I think my hair came out okay, but I spend the day quoting a line from Young Frankenstein “Hair, Darling!” every time John would touch it.


**No, I did not end up buying makeup. I just put on some mascara and lipstick/chap stick and hoped that it would all turn out okay. And like Bebo’s Girl said in the comments from last time that cousin Jenn should be able to fix*** any problems in photo shop.


***Speaking of fixing problems with the pictures… when we were saying our goodbyes that evening I jokingly asked that she make me a little thinner and take out that fat belly roll and she said ‘I can do that!’ She sure is super helpful. The pictures looked pretty good when we scanned through them on the back of her camera so I hope they all turn out great when I actually have a finished product in my hands. Thanks again Jennifer J


Sunday, I slept in until 10:30 am, watched the last half of Star Wars: Episode I, showered, got dressed, dried my hair,  watched Star Wars: Episode II, watched Star Wars: Episode III, went to the in-laws for birthday pie, came home, watched most of the last disk of Transformers: Season 2, and finally went to sleep...


And now it's Monday again. There are only 3 days until I leave for Vegas for the weekend! 4 more days until U2! YAY! (I'm only a little excited!)

I'm getting my flu shot today so I'm gearing up to feeling like crap for the next 2 days. But hopefully this will help me avoid the worst of it this season.

Not much else happening in my world, I just have 5 days of work to get done in 3 days of time.


Horror Movies we have watched:

Trick 'r Treat*

Young Frankenstein

Boy Eats Girl

Dracula (Bram Stokers)


*Loved this movie. This has been trying to come out/be released on DVD for several years now. It has been sold and resold to different production companies over the years and has shown up as a trailer on lots of different films over the years, and we have been waiting for it. So we were kind of expecting it to be super bad or scary or inappropriate, be there was nothing in it that we hadn’t seen before.  I recommend this movie to anyone who has a hankering for just a good Halloween flick. (Warning: There are some naked boobs in it briefly, so if you’re a morally upstanding citizen, or if you have kids you’d watch it with, you might not want to watch it.)


And as a final note: There was some absolutely amazing lightening as I was driving into work this morning and it really did just come out of no where. It was low to the ground and super (strobe light) bright. It was awesome, but I have to admit that I must be a super nerd because after the first flash that was super close-your-eyes bright I had to check my clock to make sure that I hadn't been abducted by aliens. (You know, the bright flash of light and then the loss of time scenario.)  


I think that is a good sign that one has watched too many Sci-Fi shows. what do you think?



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