Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls Talk To Much

Well, this has been one super crappie year. I’m glad that it’s October so it will end soon and I'm ready for it to be over with. It seems like one bad thing after another happens to us, but thankfully this week was an exception. :)


Side Note: I'm going to start using the tangent formula that I have learned from this guy's blog as it also seems to fit the randomness of my brain at the moment.

John and I have eaten out a lot this week because he's feeling depressed so it's just easier to go out.

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving so we had a fantastic Turkey Dinner at Marie Calendar’s. Tuesday was Date Night that always ends us up at the Texas Roadhouse (mmmmm, my favorite.) Wednesday night the mother-in-law called and told us we were eating at her house, baked chicken thighs and potatoes. And last night we actually ate at home and It's a super easy chili that is really good with some bread and butter and a glass of cold milk.


As well as having to run all of our usual errands I got to go out and buy some new toys for kids 3 and under so I can start baby-sitting my 1 year old niece on Thursday nights for a little while. (which I am loving!) We apparently only have toys for older kids, matchbox cars, mini star wars figures, princess that could easily loose their heads in a baby's teeth... so yeah we needed some new toys. But I wont complain because I have been itching for a reason to buy the Leap Frog Fridge Farm that my mother-in-law has had on her fridge for the last few years. I love that stupid toy, and Matilda was loving it yesterday as well.

After dinner on Monday it was a trip to Target - no farm, but I did find a super cute talking tea set. Then after dinner on Tuesday it was a trip to Toys'R'Us - here I did find the farm and also acquired a set of fisher-price roll-a-rounds pets. Which leads us to after dinner on Wednesday when I got to baby-sit my niece Lucy and also got to go though some of Lariann's CD's and claim a few that I wanted. Then Thursday after dinner we winterized our swamp-cooler, put away all the hoses and sprinklers, did the dishes, blindly threw-out a ton of junk from the black hole we call a second bedroom, vacuumed the living room, clipped the claws on the cat and baby-sat my Matilda. So it's been a busy week. and it's not over yet.


Tonight we have a family dinner with the in-laws for Dad's birthday (which is on Sunday) so again I don't have to cook (yay!) and that will probably take up most of our evening. As for tomorrow.... Well, I'll sleep in as usual, while john wakes up at an ungodly hour to watch cartoons, order comic books and do the laundry. I think I'll clean the kitchen tomorrow and try out a little more organization on that other room we have. Then I have to shower and do my hair, dress the husband and be at Layton Park by 4:30 pm to meet up with our fantastic cousin Jennifer to have a family portrait taken.


Tangent: I'm about 90% sure on what I'm going to dress John in, but as for me and my clothes I have no idea. If anyone wants to come over and dress me tomorrow, my closet is open. Now it's really down to when we are getting our hair cut - can we fit it in today, or am I willing to wake up early tomorrow to get it over with before my day gets into full swing... or is it just going to have to wait until next week. What time does the salon open, and will the right stylist be in to take care of my hair because I have decided that only chubby girls ever cut my hair right … and if she is not in am I willing to put my hair into the hands of one of those skinny chicks that always seem to mess up my hair. That’s almost to frightening to contemplate.


Nested Tangent: But then that leads to make-up where I have thought: should I buy some and try to cover up my splotchy face for the pictures? and then, should I just start wearing makeup in general? my face has seemed a little blotchier then it used to, and I am getting older and my skin is not so good as it used to be. But then I remember Andrea’s lament recently about their most recent family photos where she says that she should not have worn make up.* So then I think what happens if I look terrible with make-up and then I have a photo of me immortalized with yucky face and my failure to be cute totally ruins Jenn’s portfolio and we’re all forever cursed with the idea that Liz decided to wear make up.


*I do agree with this statement, but only as far as a few of the photos, the rest really did look okay.

All this has kept our minds off of the fact that last Monday John was told he can't have the job at the Central Plant* due to his "medical condition" even though he has done his 5 years of apprenticeship, hasn’t had a medical issue in three months and is a licensed boiler operator in Slat Lake City, but at least he does have a job so we should really be thankful for what we have and not count our eggs before their hatched. But this has not sweetened my relations with the his employer one-little-bit. Grr. I hate them.


*The lead man is finally retiring on December 14th after all this time, but it doesn’t matter anymore, the dinosaur flu has done its most hurtful work with this job denial. Stupid stupid dino flu.

what else... um, I have decided that I WILL go back on my Atkins Diet. I will start on October 26 after I get back from vacation and finish off all the Dr. Pepper I still have in my desk. (it would be a shame to let it go to waste.)


Oh yeah, I have also tried to get my exercise in this week too, but mostly it was just taking an extra lap around the store we were in, and doing some squats and lunges while putting the hoses away, but I am going to officially say that I have gotten my 3 days worth of exercise for this week.

Speaking of vacations... there are only 6 more days until U2 in Las Vegas! I thought this day would never come, especially since I have been counting down since, like, day 99 or something. Yay! I'm SUPER EXCITED!! I have to say, that U2 is always number one on my list for best live concerts ever - they even beat out NKOTB.  


Side Note: What are my rankings of best concerts ever .... (not that I have been to a ton in my short 30 years of existence*)


#1 - U2 (all of the ones I've been to since 1997 Pop, Elevation, Vertigo, and now 360**)

#2 - Barenaked Ladies (they put on a fantastic live show)

#3 - New Kids on the Block!

#4 - Hootie and the Blowfish 

#5 - Dave Matthews Band


*the first concert I ever went to was PC Quest with my brother Norm. He won tickets off the radio. It was at Classic Skating in …um… Sandy I think. What do I know, I was only 12 (or maybe 13.)


** yes, I’m already ranking this concert even though it isn’t until next week. I already know it will be awesome.

I'm such a music dork, I own way too much and then wonder why my computer runs slow when I only have 10,000 songs stored on my hard drive. What was I thinking when I just accepted all that new stuff from Scott?!*


*I was thinking: this is an awesome band, I made her buy this, I always wanted these, I want this one because it’s quintessential Lari, this one has “our song” on, I will take this one because Scott will probably just trash it if no one takes it**


**Does anyone need a well loved copy of Moulin Rouge DVD? I already have one.


Bebo's Girl said...

Holy Blogging Batman!

My Advice, Don't worry about the make-up...that's what your cousin Jen has Photoshop for. :)

Sorry to hear about John's work. That's Stinky. But again, like you say -- it's good to have a job.

I'm jealous about you getting Matilda time *RUDE!* How will I convince her I love her most???

And I'm still somewhat jealous of your U2 concert.

I'm going to have to re-read the blog, because I'm pretty sure I missed something!!!

Funny Lizzie!

Bebo's Girl said...

I don't think we have Moulin ROuge at our house (for shame!)

Bebo's Girl said...

And one more thing... YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!

Bebo's Girl said...

Now I'M completely out of breath!

M.O.M. said...

Thank you for being hon1es1T1`about the make-up thing in our pictures. I hate liiking at them. I think I have learned myjklb lesson though.
And Petey says hi...