Friday, September 27, 2013

Mission Code Name: Applesauce

What an eventful summer John and I have had… It seems like we have had colds all year, but I know that’s not quite right. I’ve had laryngitis twice this year, and John had an ongoing cough/cold for about two months. But other than that we have had a bit of fun.

Over the summer we had two friends and one nephew get married, and not to each other.

Logan and Jamie got married in Logan, UT on July 6th. John and I went up and spent the weekend at the Anniversary Inn because we love that place. The wedding we held at The Ritter Mansion outside, 90° F + humidity, sitting in the sun. But it was a nice ceremony. I almost got to perform it, but my better judgment, and personal choices got the better of me. They were very happy and the day was beautiful.
Bryce and Jennie happened to be in town that week so they came up from Blanding to Logan for the wedding. It was nice to see them and spend time with their little family before we all had to go back our separate directions.

Holly and Joseph were married on August 1st in the Salt Lake Temple. The sealing ceremony was short and sweet and they are so happy together.  The reception was held at The Chantilly Mansion  inside and out. It was a most beautiful day. I was able to spend a short amount of time with a Sister from my mission. Hermana Rivera (although that isn’t her name anymore) and her family needed a ride to the reception and John and I were happy to help out. There were so many wonderful people and old friends to see at Holly’s reception. I helped out a lot in the wedding planning up to a point where I just couldn’t take it any more. The best part though, was throwing Holly a bridal shower on July 17th at my home. A lot of Sister Missionaries from our old days came, and the best surprise of them all my Suzy Mattinsen came all the way from Virginia. I was so glad to see her.

One Saturday in August I decided I wanted to go see the Spiral Jetty. I remember learning about it back in high school in my Art history class, but it was under water back then. Due to the drought and low water levels this year it was visible and alluring to visitors. I had kinda
forgotten about it until recently when there was a news report about things to see in Northern Utah. We had made out plans to go when we were asked to babysit Kira and Cooper, John’s sister’s kids. Instead of changing our plans we just decided to take them with us. It was a two hour drive to get there, but it all went smoothly. The lake was beautiful, and the Spiral Jetty was underwhelmingly awesome. I loved it.   If you have never been there I would highly suggest going. It is out by the Golden Spike National Historic Site so if you have time you could stop there too for a history lesson. We had a ton of fun and only got a little sunburnt.

September brought about the one year anniversary of my broken elbow. To celebrate we made a Labor Day weekend trip to St. George...

John and I were able to take his sister Rachel and her two kids with us for this trip. The three of them packed into our back seat and we had a grand old time. John spoiled them with gas station gifts, and they filled the back seat with crumbs. (The car needs a good detailing now, inside and out.)

The St. George trip was also to celebrate the marriage of our nephew Nick to his new adorable wife Souamee. They live in Alaska and got married in…  June… July… I don’t remember. They came down to meet family and have a little open house to celebrate their marriage. We sure love those kids.

While in St. George we also decided to try a new restaurant. It was called the Bear Paw Café. It was delicious. We will have to go there again. All the food looked and smelled so good it was sad that we were only there for one meal.

September 5th – 7th was the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con. John and I bought tickets back in May to attend the three day celebration of all things Geek. Back when we bought our tickets it was still just a little affair with a few minor celebrity guests and some vendors. Over the following months more guests signed up, vendor booths sold out, and they had to move the convention from the South Town Expo Center to the Salt Palace in Downtown Salt Lake. Ticket sales went through the roof and Stan Lee decided to come. The Salt Lake City Comic Con is the 4th highest attended Comic Con, the biggest ever first opening Comic Con, and the biggest convention that Salt Lake City has ever hosted.
John and I went alone together on the 5th and ran into our brother-in-law Scott, and his daughter Lucy, and also our friend John Stout who was there by himself too.
We missed out on the 6th due to illness of John and I worked from home that day so I didn’t want to drive into Salt Lake and go by myself.

On the 7th my brother Norm joined us and we met up with the Stouts and Logan & Jamie while we were there. We also ran into a few other friends in the massive crowd of people. I believe there were 70,000 – 80,000 people attending on Saturday alone. I’m really surprised we ran into anyone we knew. John dressed as Captain Hammer and I put together a Steampunk costume of my own. An old friend, Blaine, who named my Steampunk alter ego Steamy Cogsworth… I kind of liked it so I shall accept the name and use it well.  We spent the entire day roaming the crowded aisles of venders and spent a lot of time waiting for Stan Lee. We watched the last bit of a panel discussion with William Shatner, and then went to the Stan Lee panel. John loved it. I did too. Stan Lee is rather awesome.

All in all it was a great weekend. I ended up with an awesome painting of the Baroness , John got Ms. Marvel, and Norm got Supergirl.

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