Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movies: Two This Week

Wild Target (2010) - This movie was totally funny. I loved every minute of it. It made us laugh. We are fans of Bill Nighy, and he was superb in this. also, it was nice to see Rupert Grint in something other than Harry Potter. I would definitely say this is a movie to watch for us older people. Not kid friendly, but we don't have kids so that's not something we worry about too often.


X-Men: First Class (2011) - I loved this movie. John had some qualms about it, but in the end he'll admit that he liked it too. It was fun seeing the X-Men from the younger angle. I liked James McAvoy as Professor X he was good. There was some action and the plot was laid out pretty good. There was one little part that I really liked, but was disappointed with at the same time. If you see the movie you can probably guess what that was. But over all we really liked it and enjoyed watching it.

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