Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peaches and Cream Barbie

I had to have her.

For the 50th Anniversary of Barbie, Barbie is releasing 50 of the most popular barbies for the last 50 years. A few months ago I walked through the Barbie isle at the local department store and there, on the shelf, in all her hot pink Glory, was Barbie from Barbie and the Rockers. I almost bought her, but I didn't really need her, besides, I had the red headed Rocker (I don't remember her name) She wore this Jazzy green outfit with tight green pants and an off the shoulder halter top. This outfit eventually ended up on Grandma Hart (I think she may still be wearing it up in my storage) ... Anyway back to the original tangent... I passed on Barbie and the Rockers because she just didn't hold that many good memories for me.

But yeaterday as I was out buying John some socks for his birthday, I passed through the barbie isle.... and There She Was. Beautiful in her peach evening gown, her blond hair so new and shiny, the diamond necklace, the diamon ring, and yeas, even the gaudy diamond earling. She is perfect. I had to have her.

I have such fond memories of Peaches and Cream. I don't think she was my first Barbie, but she is the first one that I really remember ever being MINE. I've gotten older, but I have never grown out of my barbies. Sure, I don't pull them out and carry on soap operas that last for months... (or even years) any more, but once in a while I do pull them out. For the old ones they get a good loving as I change their clothes or comb their hair. I laugh at all the Good memories associated with them and even some of the bad.

I remember loving Peaches and Cream Barbie to her death. Her head splitting up the sides, her hands bent and chewed on, her hair so dull and stringy... Even her pretty dress I remember being ripped so may times, faded with being left in the sun, and the bodice cracked and falling to bits because it was loved so much. The joy of having a toy that was so important to me. I loved her... and now she's back again for another ride, and I couldn't be more excited. But this time, she probably isn't going to come out of the box.

As I have gotten older I have switched more in to the collector phase with the new Barbies that I buy. I seem to get a new one every few years. There is the African American Holiday 1999 Barbie, The Irish Princess Barbie, Sleeping Beauty Barbie, The X-Files Barbie and Ken set (John gave it to me for our 7th wedding anniversary) And now, Peaches and Cream.


Bebo's Girl said...

that's awesome. I can almost remember going to the store when you got her the first time.

Anonymous said...

I love peaches and cream barbie! It is the first barbie I remember really asking for and my dad got her for me for my birthday. Enjoy your doll!