Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday -

I woke up with a terrible migraine this morning and called in sick to work. I've had a stress headache all week (surprise!) and know that this was coming, it was just a matter of when.
I slept in until noon and laid in bed until 1:00 by then I decided I should get up and do something. I turned on the computer, made Teriyaki Sauce for some chicken for dinner and then I got online. I'm thinking about making some cookies for John just to be nice, but I haven't gotten that far yet.
I should probably call the insurance company to see if they have decided who is at fault (even though WE ARE NOT) and if they expect me to pay the $500 to get my car back. I think if they do then I will seriously look into getting a lawyer because I don't think we should be found at fault because we were the ones who were at a dead stop and were hit from behind. I hate insurance companies.
But the good news is they are going to fix my car this time instead of totalling it out. I don't get a new car for Christmas, but I wont have my old car until Christmas either.
anyway, here is my Teriyaki Recipe if anyone wants to try it. It really is pretty good.

Teriyaki Sauce

¼ cup Vegetable Oil
¼ cup Soy Sauce
2 Tbl Katsup or BBQ Sauce (I prefer the BBQ sauce)
1 Tbl White Vinegar
¼ tsp Pepper
2 Cloves Garlic or ½ tsp of Garlic Powder

Mix together.
Add Chicken, cover and marinade in the fridge for at least an hour.
Cook chicken in sauce for 30 minutes until cooked through.
Serve with rice and stir-fry veggies.

I make the sauce and marinade the chicken all in the same pan I’m going to cook them in. it saves you a few dishes. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Isn't she lovely?

Here is a new picture of my niece. I stole it from her daddies blog. Isn't she just one of the cutest little girls ever?
And by-the-way she looks so much happier without the hat. :)

Word of the Day

One of my new favorite websites is : : I totally love it because it not only gives you the definition for the word I'm looking for, but also suggests alternates.

I think today's word of the day is awesome:


Pronunciation: \kwik-'sä-tik\

(adjective) Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.

wild-eyed, romantic, Irrational

She is ready prey to any man who knows how to play adroitly either on her affectionate ardor or her quixotic enthusiasm.


So I'm eating a package of Ritz crackers for lunch, and I'm totally craving Cottage Cheese to go with it. That is such a treat to me to have Ritz crackers with Cottage Cheese and a little bit of seasoning salt on the top… Yum!  John thinks this is gross, but when I was a kid, mom would always buy me cottage cheese to go with my Ritz crackers because that's how they'd give them as free samples at the store.

My knee today

It is not still swollen the goose egg that was there has gone down as well. I just have a scab on the front of my knee cap and each time I bend my knee I get that horrible ripping the scab off feeling. It feels bruised, but there is no visible bruising. Over all it's just an ache that doesn't go away.

The $250.00 Cookie Recipe

I'm sure that if you have an email address you have gotten this email before, or one like it about a person who asked for a recipe at a restaurant and was charged an outrageous amount and when the company wouldn't refund their money they decided to give the recipe to everyone they know and forward it to the rest of the world... Blah blah blah.

Well I'm posting this here because I like cookies (sometimes) and I figure if I put this here then I'll have it for later when John says to me… "I want some chocolate chip cookies" (usually he just wants the dough)


2 cups butter
24 oz. chocolate chips
4 cups flour
2 cups brown sugar
2 tsp. soda
1 tsp. salt
2 cups sugar
1 8 oz. Hershey Bar (grated)
5 cups blended oatmeal
4 eggs
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups chopped nuts (your choice)

Measure oatmeal, and blend in a blender to a fine powder. Cream the butter and both sugars. Add eggs and vanilla, mix together with flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, and soda. Add chocolate chips, Hershey Bar, and nuts. Roll into balls, and place two inches apart on a cookie sheet.

Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. Makes 112 cookies.

Suzy's Baby

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My blog has turned into my angry note keeping journal.
Never fear, I'll go back to my useless thought's in a little while,
I just have to battle this most recent bout of depression I find it very hard to write when depressed…

Speaking of depression I think that's one more thing I could add to a lawsuit if I decided to file, but this one would be against the guy who hit us AND State Farm because they aren't helping at all.

Here is my list of reasons to sue so far:

Distracted Driving.
Ruining my Thanksgiving Vacation.
Smashing the only car I own.
Undue Stress.
The New Tires I put on last month.
Last weeks car payment and Oil change.
Ruining my holiday season.
Pain and Suffering.
Defacing my cute knee.

I don't want to work today.

I took a Loratab and I want to be in bed.

The Car again....

12:45 pm

Called the shop.
Damage to the car has totaled up to $4,300.00 so far,
and the shop was okayed by the insurance company to do the repairs.

Now the trouble is this is going to take 2-3 weeks to repair and the insurance company will only pay for the rental car until 12/14 (24 days or $600) … after that we have to pay out of pocket for the rental car. This whole situation just makes me really angry.

Then there is the fact that State Farm hasn't determined who actually caused the accident (partly because the idiot that hit us hasn't informed the insurance company) so if for some stupid reason fault is put on us (even though we were the car smashed in the middle) then we have to pay the $500.00 deductible with money that we don't have.

I hate this.

Legal Troubles

As most of you know I'm currently being sued, and though I cannot discuss the details of the case with others I feel I can at least share with you the frustration of it all.

Recently (within the past 2 weeks) I was asked to answer some questions for the plaintiffs legal team (I am the defendant). I did this and got it back to them in a very timely manner and I was told that they would email me a final copy to look over sign and return.  Well time passed and the due date of 11/27/07 was quickly approaching and I hadn't received anything so on Monday morning (11/26) I emailed the law office asking where this was. Come to find out that the secretary was told to email the information to me but instead she mailed it. So yesterday (the due date) I finally get something emailed to me I had to go to a stupid bank (I hate banks) to get it notarized and had to deal with an idiotic asian woman who was just making me angry by her very existence and the attitude she was giving me because I didn't have cash to pay her $5 so I had to write a check. After getting the paper they told me to sign notarized and dealing with the rude people at the bank and spending MY money I dropped it off at the law office because the deadline was November 27th and it was their stupid fault that it was late because I told them 2 weeks ago to email me the forms and the legal secretary MAILED them.

 THEN we had to drive home in the snow that took us 1.5 hours and when we got home there was a message on the answering machine from the insurance company of the car in front of us asking for our insurance company information and basically stating that they're coming after us because this was OUR fault. So john had to call state farm and tell them AGAIN that this was not our fault and go over the whole accident AGAIN for their records and the dumb ass who hit us hasn't even reported this to the insurance company yet.

While he was doing that I got the mail and in the mail was a package from the lawyers office that had what I thought was the same thing they had emailed me earlier and that I had signed and returned. Well this package was much thicker and so opened it up and it was completely different then what was sent to me earlier. The back page that they told me to print off and return was COMPLETELY different then what I had just paid $5 for and I got really angry. I am really angry. So I had to call Rachel at work and tell her to bring her Notary stamp home so I could just get it done last night and I didn't have to let it fester all day today and go through this all again.

So the stupid legal secretary's mistake added to State Farms stupidity and all the stress I'm dealing with and the pain in my knee all bubbled up to the surface in a bawling rage fit that lasted 2 hours and I just don't understand what I ever did to deserve this horrible life I've been given and I'd rather just stay in bed with a blanket over my head then to have to deal with the world around me.

And then to top it all off I was 45 minutes late to work today because all the idiots in Davis County don't know how to drive even though it snows EVERY YEAR!! and now my system isn't working so I can only do half my work and can't print anything. I'm done, and I just want to go home.

After sending a very professional business email to the law offices telling them of my frustration I did get a personal call from my lawyer to apologize for the mistake and saying that this should have never happed in his office and that he was so sorry that I had to deal with this. Now they are sending a runner to my work to pick up the second paper so I don't have to make ANOTHER trip out to their office. I'm still angry, but that helps a little.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My poor left knee

I think there is an invisible bulls eye on my hurt knee.

It seems that everything I do has somehow caused something to hit my knee.
To start with there is all the accidental bumping and touching by my husband and the horrible weight of pants and the blankets on my bed.

Then yesterday it was the truck and several impacts at work with my chair and filing cabinets.
Today I went to Subway for lunch and some idiot parked to close to me so I had to squeeze back into my little car so while I was trying not to hit the car next to me with the door of my rental and squeezing in at the same time the door popped back and smacked my knee. WHACK! And again it is very hard to drive with tears welling up in your eyes.

I don't think I have ever hurt my knee this badly or had such continued pain….. Not even when I fell down Buffalo Peak at youth conference one year and bruised the cartilage in my knee and my parents drove me to the emergency room because it hurt so bad. This is much worse.

It seems that the pain spreads when I hit it last night it was the side of my knee, and today it's like shin splints down my leg. Not to mention the constant burning/throbbing pain that is my knee since the car accident.

Ow ow ow ow ow…..

The Car

10:00 am

Called the shop.
My car is not finished being estimated.
They'll call this afternoon.

Per your Request -

The new rental is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra.
It's not a bad little car. I've been told it gets about 40 mpg highway.
It does have two problems though:

1) It does not play MP3 CD's
2) No trunk space

It drives really well, and the breaks are a little touchy but that's okay. Over all I'm glad we traded for it. The truck was nice and all, but I couldn't get in and out of the passenger side with my knee hurting like it does and on the drivers side I felt like the steering wheel was in my lap and then to top it all off yesterday when I was getting in the car I whacked my knee on the steering column of the truck causing me great pain and it is very hard to drive a truck when you are crying because of pain but somehow I managed. When I was finally able to get home and look at my knee I have a nice black bruise added to the scab that's already there and this morning it hurts like crazy... but at least today I brought my Loratab with me to work.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More gas friendly rental car obtained.

Oh, cry me a river...

It's Christmas time again. I haven't even taken down my Halloween decorations yet. I'm thinking perhaps I'll leave the bloody hand prints on the front window and just add a sign that says "Santa Beware!" But as John frequently reminds me while decorating I have little kids next door and across the street that I might not want to scare and parents I might not want to offend.

I hate Christmas… no, it's not the lights or the "Christmas spirit" that bothers me. It's the commercialism, the decorations before Halloween, the shopping, the screaming, the greediness, the cleaning, the food, the parties, the traffic, the anger it all brings up, and my pure disgust for human kind. I hate this season. I hate buying gifts for others when I hardly have money to pay my own bills and the pure distain that is handed to you when you don't buy gifts for others.

I hate Christmas parties that you're expected to go to and be happy about even when the extended family doesn't talk to each other anymore and we just do it for grandma's sake. And at those same family parties where you do a gift exchange and all you get is a crappy candy bar or something someone else didn't want in the first place. UGH!

Why do we even bother. "Ba Humbug!" I say. I think I'll stick with my dad's sentiment and cancel Christmas this year, and every year hence forth. Add to that the idea of having to purchase another new car this year and adding a car registration to the holiday woes. This does not make my season bright.

It's probably a good thing that I married who I did. He loves Christmas. He is one of those kids that still wakes up at 2 am Christmas morning asking if it's time to get up yet, when I'd rather sleep in until noon and maybe open presents later after I've had breakfast. Maybe somewhere along our marriage it will rub off on me and I'll like this holiday, maybe when I have my own kids… who knows.

Needless to say I was already angry about the car accident, but now throwing Christmas on top of it all hasn't made me an exuberantly sunshiny person to be around. I am the Grinch Who Stole Christmas but with me no amount of singing Who's are going to warm my frozen heart.

Car update

I haven't called the shop about my car yet. I was going to give them until tomorrow before I start calling. After all it was a long holiday weekend. I am calling the rental company today to see if I can get a small car. I hate driving this truck. but it was all they had so we took it because it was all we were going to get. John and I both are still pretty angry. My knee hurts like crazy, but I didn't take any pain killers today because I had to drive into work. I should have brought one though and taken it after I got here that way it would wear off in time to drive home again this afternoon. I'll have to remember that for tomorrow.


In our dreams - I know it! -- we do make the journeys we seem to make: we do see the things we seem to see; the people, the homes, the cats, the dogs, the birds, the whales, are real, not chimeras; they are living spirits, not shadows; and they are immortal and indestructible. They go whither they will; they visit all resorts, all points of interest, even the twinkling suns that wander in the wastes of space. That is where those strange mountains are which slide from under our feet while we walk, and where those vast caverns are whose bewildering avenues close behind us and in front when we are lost, and shut us in. We know this because there are no such things here, and they must be there, because there is no other place.

- Mark Twain "My Platonic Sweetheart"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's sunday again....

I had my 5 day weekend, but I don't feel very relaxed or thankful.

So what has happened in the past few days?

One of my favorite companions had a baby on 11-20-07 so something good happened that day. Suzy and Micah named her Emilie.

We got a giant red truck as our rental car.

We had thanksgiving with my mother's family.

We went to sacrement meeting and tithing settlement today.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our evening at home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our rental.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why do people torment their babies?

Our new hat fits

My wife atfer car accident

It was bound to happen...

It's 6:40 am on my day off. I should be an hour up the road towards Washington, but I'm not. Instead I'm sitting in my kitchen with an ice pack on my knee and a crushed car in my driveway.

Sometimes John and I should just know better then to think we're over a hump and that maybe life is going to hand us something good for once. We really should just start introducing ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Crap-Magnet.
We were on our way home from work yesterday ready to start the real trip preparations, discussing john going to school and how excited we were to be going. When BAM! we were smacked from behind smashing us into the car in front of us.
Now the real kicker to this story is that just a few miles earlier we had passed the idiot who hit us because he was swerving like mad doing everything in his car except driving. He was putting on or taking off his jacket, he had papers in his hand one moment and a phone in his hand the next. And here John passed him in hopes of getting a few cars ahead of him and avoiding his stupidity.
Well we were wrong. His stupidity rammed into us at about 50 miles per hour while we were at a dead stop waiting for the meter light at the I-15 on ramp at Beck Street in North Salt Lake. It happens as all car accidents do out of the blue.
The man hit us hard enough that even though I was wearing a seat belt I flew out of my seat and hit the dashboard with my left knee, and my glasses flew off of my face and everything in my lap flew across the car. I was so pissed. I started swearing and hitting things and I kicked the dashboard a few times. The guy who hit us was very worried that something was terribly wrong. but I was just REALLY ANGRY.
We were there from 3:50 pm until 5:00 pm filling out police reports and causing traffic jams. Beck Street was backed up and that caused I-15 to become a nightmare as well. If you were stuck in that yesterday I'm really sorry. I hear that we were on the traffic link camera and everything.
We were able to drive the car home. John was complaining about back pain (and with his back surgery last year that's not something we take lightly), and my knee was alternating between burning pain and throbbing pain so we had John's mom meet us at our house and we took a family outing to Instacare to get checked out.
We each got six X-rays and our very own prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain killers. But the X-rays were clean and we're just really going to hurt for the next 4-6 weeks. We finally got home at 9:00 pm.
In the midst of all this I had to call the oldest sister and tell her I wasn't coming for thanksgiving anymore.
In the end, the fellow who hit us has insurance so this isn't going to come out of my pocket. I don't know if our car is fixable, it doesn't look half as bad as the accident made it seem. The hood is smashed pretty good and the bumpers are scratched up. The front bumper has a few holes in and I lost the logo off the hood.... at least that's what I saw last night. I haven't had a chance to look at it in the daylight yet. I'll provide pictures later. So there you have it. My side of the story.
John had an interesting run in with the cop who was accusing us of causing the whole thing because the physical evidence didn't match up, but that's John's story to tell if he wants to.

The good news: It wasn't our fault.
The bad news: I now have to rewrite my Christmas letter because it talks about my car and my thanksgiving trip.

That is all for now, I'm going back to bed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm so angry.

My knee atfer car accident

Guess what happened on the way home from work.

Purplesandel this is for your benefit

I'm going to Orting, WA. It's somewhere in the east side of the state. Where? I'm not sure all I know is that I take I-84 until I get to I-82 then I-90 then take a bunch of state routes until I get there. Hopefully this map helps. I'm hoping that Mapquest will help me :)

Road Tripin'

Today being my "Friday" I am finding it very hard to concentrate on work which makes me thankful that I can post my blogs by email because then I "look" like I'm working even though I'm writing to all my rabid fans… :)

Very early tomorrow morning the husband and I are setting out on our Thanksgiving adventure. I am VERY excited! This is my first trip to Washington State and my first visit to the oldest sister since she moved there a little over 3 years ago. So it's all new.

The husband and I have both come to the epiphany that We Are Adults we do not have to check in with anyone if we are out after 11 pm, we don't need permission to take a vacation, and we don't really need our parents approval for anything. We are free. True, we have been married for almost 6 years, and yes, it has taken us this long to figure it out.

So in honor of this momentous occasion I have selected the "Road Trip Theme Song" for our journey. So with out any further ado I give you…. The Song:

"Movin' Right Along"

Movin' right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends, you can't lose,
This could become a habit.
Opportunity knocked once, let's reach out and grab it,
Together we'll nab it.
We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin' there is half the fun; come share it with me.
Movin' right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
We'll learn to share the load.
We don't need a map to keep this show on the road.

Movin' right along we found a life on the highway,
And your way is my way, so trust my navigation.
California here we come, that pie-in-the-sky land.
Palm trees and warm sand, though sadly we just left Rhode Island.

Movin' right along, hey, L.A., where've you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan.
Movin' right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
You take it, you know best.
Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West.

Movin' right along, we're truly birds of a feather,
We're in this together, and you know where you're goin'.
Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
We're stormin' the big town.
Yeah! Storm is right, should it be snowin'?

Movin' right along, do I see signs of men?
Yeah, "welcome" on the same post that says "come back again."
Movin' right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
You're ready for the big time, is it ready for me?

Movin' right along
Movin' right along
(repeat to fade)

Music That Makes me turn off the radio

Jack Johnson
Maroon 5
Jason Mraz
KT Tunstall
Gorillas, Inc.
Finger 11
Rage Against the Machine
Kid Rock

Still More Songs I Love

      1. Pack Man Fever – Buckner & Garcia
      2. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – The Righteous Brothers
      3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
      4. Wild Fire – Michael Martin Murphy
      5. Vincent – Don McLean
      6. Strawberry Roan – The Bar J Wranglers
      7. Van Diemon’s Land – U2
      8. People are Strange – The Doors
      9. People are People – Depeche Mode
      10. Tell Laura I Love Her – Dickey Lee
      11. All I Ask of You – Phantom of the Opera
      12. Past the Point of No Return – Phantom of the Opera
      13. The Circle of Our Love – Saturday’s Warrior
      14. I Don’t Know How to Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar
      15. Race You to the Top of the Morning – The Secret Garden (Norm’s version)
      16. Music Box Dancer – Frank Mills
      17. Pictures of You – The Cure

      .... I think that may be it, I’m stretching to think of anymore

Junk Mail Junk Mail Junk Mail

In response to all those chain letters I receive in my in-box on a daily basis all I have to say is:

If I don't send this to 3 people or back to you what's going to happen to me?? am I going to have bad luck for a year? or will I get gangrene and my fingernails will fall off... or will I have horrible health problems and suffer from chronic depression and back pain??? Will I end up in 2 car accidents and a lawsuit? Oh, my! What will happen?? I delete all these "pass me on or else" messages... Is that what is mine and John's problem??? Oh, if only I'd forwarded all those messages to fill my friends in-boxes with junk... woe is me! woe is me!

And now we can move on with our day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Helping my sister move

Note: it is hard to pack boxes with a kitty on your head.

How Kind of Them

I didn't know it until just this weekend, but the Barenaked Ladies wrote a song about me:

Angry People

That's the problem, dear, with angry people
They try to go it alone
Digging in and making cranky feeble pleas
That other angries disown
Angry people think a good solution
Is getting others involved
So they surround themselves with happy people
And watch their smiles dissolve

We just drag them down
We just drag them down
We just drag them down
Until they're just like us

Angry people get so sanctimonious
Telling us what to do
Hoping no one outs them all as phonies just cause
We are all phonies too
And those of us who once had wives and families
Understand what I mean
What was once a calm and peaceful refuge
Is overtaken by spleen

'Cause we just drag them down
We just drag them down
We just drag them down
Until they're just like us

I am the singer in the band
We're only trying to lend a hand
And though it's not what we had planned
We understand

That we just drag you down
We just drag you down
We just drag you down
Until you're just like us

In a square a thousand angry people
Are waving signs in the air (HEY!)
While a million other happy people
Are trying hard not to care (BACK OFF!)
You see, the happy people's biggest problem
Is they're never fearing the worst
While the rest of us will never sleep until
Your happy bubbles are burst

Yeah, we just drag them down
Didn't I just drag you down
Just watch me drag you down
Until you're just like us
Until you're just like us
Oh, until you're just like us
Until you're just like us

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I did today.

Grandma Mc's Doughnuts & Sweet Rolls

6-7 cups of Flour
½ cup sugar
2 tsp Salt
2 pkgs Yeast OR 4 ½ tsp Yeast
1 cup Water
1 cup Milk
½ cup butter OR 1 cube Butter (melted)
1 Egg

Combine: 2 cups flour, sugar, salt & yeast.
Heat: Water, Milk & Butter till warm. Add egg to liquid when slightly cool. Pour into dry mix.

Add 3 cups flour. Knead in extra 1 ½ - 2 cups flour for 10 minutes.

Let rise for 1 hour. Punch down. Divide, shape and cook.
Butter bottom of pan.

350 Degrees for 30-35 minutes.

For Cinnamon Rolls I have a small tupperware container I fill half full with cinnamon and the other half with sugar then shake to mix. Roll dough into a long rectangle and cover with butter then sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix. Roll the long ways. Cut Cinnamon Rolls to shape with a piece of string or dental floss.


This Thursday is Thanksgiving. I have always put this Holiday as #2 on my favorite holiday list. So here are just a few things I am thankful for this year:

My New Job.
My Husband.
Our Families.
Being Able to Breathe.
My Cats.
My Home.
My Ford Focus.

What are you thankful for?


Thanks Keith, for making me "God." I have always thought that we are just the figments of someones imagination. That once someone stops thinking about us we just vanish. Then when they think of us again we magically come back into their lives.

I am so productive.

On Saturday I was busily working at get the cores done. When all of a sudden a fuzzy lady came up to me and told me she needed my help. She said she need me to find her husband. At first I thought she was crazy. She told me her husband gambled to much and, "got in to deep." He deiced to go and make a deal to get their debts removed. He had not returned. She asked if I would go to the house down the street and see if he was there. I thought that sounds simple enough. I said "OK." I went to the house, and he is not there. the gentleman he had gone to meet was though. I asked If he had seen him. Of course he had seen the man. The man had traveled somewhere to do the big gentleman a favor to pay off the debt. The gentlemen was worried because he hadn't returned also. He said He sent him to retrieve a family heirloom. It was on a island. He owned a boat and we could go looking for the man together. I thought "OK." Well, we get to the island where the man was. We split up try and find the missing man. Well I find him behind a gate to a old fort. I open the gate and walk in, and the gate closed and locks behind me. I talk to the missing man and find out it is all a lie. They just trick people to come to the island to be hunted. The stupid man could have just warned me before I opened the gate and got trapped with him. To make it worse the man told me he can't fight and would I fight our way out for us. I had to go in to this boobie trapped cave and fight my way out. Then I get to the end and the big gentleman is waiting with the lost loser man. He kills the lost loser man. Then is angry because I have survived. He can't let me win. So I kill the big gentleman. I was real tired so I thought I would rest before going home on the boat. Well when I wake-up, I find something is wrong. I am a vampire. I got to sleep in the open at night. I got exactly what I deserved. Now I have to travel all over the place to find a cure. I find a king who can help me, but he was a jerk. He did tell me about a witch I could go see. I fight my way through the forest and finally find her house. She refused to help me, unless I help her. She is a witch what did I expect. She need 5 grand soul stones. She might as well of asked for the world. So I leave to find the stones. Well, just when I think I have tracked one down. The empire guards catch me and throw me in jail for stealing. I was just trying to figure out a way out of jail. That's when Liz came back from baby sitting Lucy. She then asked me if I got anything done. I said of course I got things done. If you made it the end of this You are obviously not busy. I was told my blog was useless. Well, Now it is.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Phone Phobia

Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You

I hate the phone. I'm actually afraid of it. The technical term "telephobia". Is this and irrational fear? I noticed today as I did a quick google search for "fear of phone" or "phone phobia" and came up with 1,620,000 hits that apparently it's not as uncommon as one would assume. (although I'm always told that I should never assume because it makes and ass out of u and me) However I noticed that there are a lot of people out there who have this fear, and there are a lot of people out there who want to profit off of it as well.

Per an online encyclopedia Phone Phobia is "a psychological condition in which an individual experiences extreme fear or avoidance of using the telephone. The fear may be more intense with regard to either making or receiving phone calls; in the latter case, it can intensify to the point where the phone-phobic is afraid even to listen to voice-mail (answering machine) messages."

In the past few years I have noticed that I use my telephone less and less. I rarely make phone calls and I don't want to answer it when it rings. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to check my voice mail because it requires using the phone. I didn't used to hate the phone so much, it's a growing anxiety that just worsens as time passes. When I was a kid I used to beg my mother to let me talk to Grandma on the phone and I didn't mind making phone calls. I remember one time I made a call to a guy because my sister was to scared to do it. I had no problem with it. I don't think I really minded making phone calls as a missionary either. I think I route this fear to my life as a telemarketer post-mission when I worked for JC Penney Catalog and then immediately after that got a job with the InterContental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn Reservations). Here is one idea to the root of my problem:

"Maybe your instincts learned to fear the telephone after a series of difficult calls or even because you were experiencing high stress levels in your life during a time you were making a lot of calls. Your fear instinct may have made the 'wrong association' between fear and phone calls."

While I was working at JC Penney my husband was laid off from his job at Replay. This was an arcade at The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City. He was an Assistant Manager and one day he went into work and they were closing down. The manager told him "you can either stay and help clean up, or you can start looking for another job." That was it, no formal notice and it was a surprise to everyone who worked there, and that started the 2 year job hunt that ended him up where he is now. I would classify this as a time where I was "experiencing high stress levels" while using the telephone. I hated working for Holiday Inn. Every minute of it. I would call in a few times a week to see if they were offering AWOP which is "Absent Without Pay" if the call volume was low and they didn't need you. This was great. I had a job that paid me $7.60 but where I was making at least $10-$15 per hour with commission AND I could call in and get AWOP at least 3 times a week. But it didn't change the fact that while I was there I was on the phone.

I finally got a job at CHG where I was the file clerk and not required to touch a phone at all. I rarely had to talk to anyone and I could just work and get paid and it was good… until I got my 3rd promotion where I now had to make phone calls. Eeeek! By the end of my employment with that company I was forced to make a lot of phone calls every day in order do get most of my work done. It was horrible. And now sitting at my new job I will often avoid answering my phone (I know, not good company etiquette) but I do eventually answer it because I have to. There there is that horrible woman that is my Plan contact she makes me want to answer the phone even less. It took me 3 days to check my voice mail this week. I avoid answering the phone at home too unless it's someone I really want to talk to but even then I hate TALKING on the phone so all conversations must be short and to the point, or I stop listening. I promise, it's not you, it's the phone.

So honestly now, is this irrational of me?

Nap time


Friday, November 16, 2007

Pet peeve

If the digital screen on the printer is flashing red stating that the tray is EMPTY refill it. Don't just walk away.


Help! Help! I'm being offensive!


" dream-artist can draw anything, and do it perfectly; he can paint with all the color and all the shades, and do it with delicacy and truth; he can place before me vivid images of palaces, cities, hamlets, hovels, mountains, valleys, lakes, skies, glowing in sunlight or moonlight, or veiled in driving gusts of snow or rain, and he can set before me people who are intensely alive, and who feel, and express their feelings in their faces, and who also talk and laugh, sing and swear. And when I wake I can shut my eyes and bring back those people, and the scenery and the buildings; and not only in general view, but often in nice detail …"

- Mark Twain "My Platonic Sweetheart"

Things that annoy me

Men that dye their hair.

Now don't get me wrong, there are parameters to this annoyance. If you are a man and you can dye your hair without anyone noticing that's fine that doesn't bother me at all. It's the men (currently a man I work with) who one day was a dirty blonde with lots of gray in his hair looking his age but the next time you see them their hair is dyed brown. And it's not even a nice brown. It looks bad, it looks fake, and it looks like something died on his head.

Please, if you are a man and you dye your hair make it nice, natural, gradual and ask your wife's opinion.

another night, another movie

Spanglish - Okay

This movie is just getting an "Okay" rating because the ending really sucked. The rest of the movie was great. It was working up to a happy ending but the last 10 minutes of the movie ruined the whole thing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

was I that bad?

Quite often when my husband and I are out and about we come across teenagers that are an absolute embarrassment to all who see them. The other night we were at the grocery store it was probably 9:30 pm when on the way out to our car all eyes were drawn to a SUV full of teenagers hanging out the sunroof with music blaring way too loud yellin' and screamin' and hollerin' at random people that unfortunately were parked next to the SUV… I was embarrassed for their parents even though I bet they didn't know what their children were up to.

When we see these teenagers and how horrible and embarrassing they are we have to wonder…. Was I that bad?

Were we that bad?

I remember myself as a very quiet teenager I'd go to school and then I'd come home and nap, and rarely during the school year did I go out cavorting with others. Rarely during the summer would I go cavorting about either, I was either working at Lagoon or playing at Lagoon and everyone there are freaks anyway so it didn't matter what you did. But I still wasn't that bad. The furthest my cavorting took me most of the time was to young women's activities, choir concerts and to the occasional friends house. Once in a while we'd be loud on the walk home from school, but I never remember being to the obnoxious point.

I remember this one time… I was past the stupid high school years I was probably 19 I had John, my cousin Anne, and our friend Kyle in the car when John discovered that I had a Laser Gun in my glove compartment. Why was it there? I have no idea. Once the gun was discovered, John had to play with it. At first he was just shooting people in the car, but soon he was shooting other cars and people on the sidewalks, but he did this all with the windows rolled up. So in my opinion we weren't bothering anyone outside my car.

So the original question was "Was I That Bad?" and the answer to that is no. John was talking to a former seminary teacher who now works with him at the church office building and they were discussing just this very topic. Brother G told John that we weren't that bad as teenagers because if we were he wouldn't have let us hang out in his class room after school, and we probably still wouldn't be friends 10 years later. It's good to know that I wasn't that bad, but I worry about my kids and how they'll turn out. I want quiet children.

What did I watch last night?

Evan Almighty - Meh (there were some funny parts)

What I hate even more then people...


This morning on the way in to work, traffic was worse then usual at 6am. And what was the reason for this jam up? I blame the stupid electronic freeway signs. I believe these are a tool of the devil. I have been in several traffic jams lately and each of them can be traced back to one of these blasted signs. Traffic can be backed up for miles because all the morons who have to slow down to 20-40 mile per hour to read the stupid things. They were put in to HELP traffic flow by warning of problems ahead, but the signs ARE the problem. It took me an hour one afternoon to get from the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon to a stupid sign on 1300 East on I-215 one day all because of this stupid sign warning of lane closure ahead. After sitting in this traffic for so long I was angry but when just after the sign the traffic broke up and was moving at 70 mph again and guess what!? THERE WAS NO ROAD WORK AHEAD. That's an hour of my life wasted because of these stupid signs.

Back to my original story… traffic was heavy this morning bumper to bumper 50 mph up to the electronic sign in Centerville warning of an accident on the I-215 split off and left lane was closed at I-215. Yeah, what ever, that happens every couple of months anyway so it's no big deal and traffic picked up again. When we got to North Salt Lake traffic grinded to a halt again… ugh this is where I thought the I-215 traffic was going to catch us, but right there in the middle of the freeway was a disabled Semi. Why was it disabled, well, it was missing a front tire and I think that had to do with the little white car facing the wrong way against the cement barrier on the left hand side of the road and the glass and liquid (maybe gas) strewn across all 5 lanes of traffic. It couldn't have happened to long before we got there because police hadn't had a chance to close any lanes at that point and we just zoomed through… okay we crawled through giving all the rubber neckers the chance to look. (My comment to that is if more people carpooled it would cut down on traffic & rubber neck slowdowns because more passengers could look while the driver continued to drive) As soon as we were through that everyone started merging into my lane to be in my way and then to merge into the farthest right lane in hopes to avoid the accident on I-215. Which again included a car facing the wrong direction and lots of police cars. I being the driver didn't get a chance to rubber neck that one because I was driving.

Argh. People who can't drive make me angry. Traffic makes me angry. Being awake and commuting at 6 am makes me angry.

It's time for Clementines! The best fruit of the year.

Reoccurring dreams part II by Ratch2k

Sorry this took forever!!! :)

Dream #4

I dream about the boy I loved in high school. A lot. But he never remembers me and I rarely can get him to look at me or talk to me. Some times he doesn't remember my name but more often then not he doesn't know me at all.

Remember that when you dream about someone you know you think of three things about this person that come to mind first and apply them to yourself. Because he was someone you really liked at one time he could symbolize a quality that you shared with him or a part of yourself that you like as well.

And this is where I am a little stumped on this dream. I have been trying to figure out what this last part of your dream means where he doesn't look at you, remember your name or know you. Here is what I've finally come up with, but you will have to be the real judge here. First, where he won't look at you, that could indicate your perception of something in your waking life or that could be telling you to open your eyes and look closer at your situation. Then there is the part where he doesn't recognize you. This could indicate a part of yourself that you don't recognize. This could also represent a part of you that is "unknown". Again, you'll have to soul search this one out.

Dream #5

I dream about being in high school all the time. I can never remember my schedule and I can't ever get to my classes on time, if I can even find them. There was one dream that the school was going to blow up because someone had put a bomb in the underground parking lot and I tried warning people to get out because it was going to blow, but no one believed me so I fled to the junior college just up the hill and watched the whole school blow up with everyone in it.

Being at school indicates time to learn a lesson or educate you on certain matters. You may be feeling tested or that you need to pass a particular situation. School could represent a fear of failure. When you're searching for a class you are directionless in some area of your life. In the particular dream where you experienced a bomb in the underground parking, this would indicate you were on the verge of an emotional explosion. The underground parking would also be a clue at that time that your emotions were held under for the time but may be coming up quickly.

Dream #6

I dream of going to Andrea's friend Brenda's house to feed the chinchillas that are in the basement.

Again, think of three things about Brenda and apply those qualities to yourself. Animals symbolize our basic instincts and behaviors. Are you behaving or do you need to behave like the animal in your dream? What characteristics does that animal have? I don't really know much about chinchillas or Brenda so this one you get to do yourself.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My So-Called Life

Way back in the 90's there was a TV show called My So-Called Life. I loved this show, not just because it was a teen beat show or because of the cute boys that were on it, but because it taught me a lot about life as a teenager and gave me something to relate to when the world around me was dark and stormy. I recently found a bunch of My So-Called Life quotes, here are a few that have made me laugh, think, or cry… okay maybe not cry... Oh well I guess I'll just have to go home and watch them on DVD.

Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart.

People are always saying you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster. Like you know what it is even. But every so often I'll have, like, a moment, where just being myself in my life right where I am is, like, enough.

Hatred can become like food, it gives you this energy that you can like, live off of.

What's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere. Like, your life just figured out how to get good. Like, that second.

The worst feeling is suddenly realizing that you don't measure up. And that, in the past, when you thought you did, you were a fool.

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She slept in a lovely little cottage made of gingerbread and candy. She was always asleep. One morning she woke up and the candy had mold on it. Her father blew her a kiss and the house fell down. She realized she was lost.She found herself walking down a crowded street, but the people were made of paper, like paper dolls. She blew everyone a kiss good-bye and watched as they blew away.

You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain? And it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have to say something else just to make it stop?

It just seems like, you agree to have a certain personality or something. For no reason. Just to make things easier for everyone. But when you think about it, I mean, how do you know it's even you?

There's something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy '60 Minutes' watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away.

AND - Lessons Learned from My So-Called Life:

Sometimes beautiful people aren't so nice. * School is a battlefield for your heart. * People tell you to be yourself, like yourself is some defined thing. * The one you want isn't always the one you need. * Before using a pair of handcuffs, make sure you have the key. * People won't wait for you forever. * If we all did what was in our hearts, the world would grind to a halt. * Seeing a teacher's actual lunch is, like, so depressing. Not to mention, her bra strap. * The cafeteria is the embarrassment capital of the world. * Everybody's an act. Including you. * People throwing themselves at people is, like, the basis of civilization. * It's amazing the things you notice. * It's weird how something has to happen sometimes to see how you actually feel about someone. * I bet people can actually die of embarrassment. I bet it's been medically proven. * There are some times in my life where being me, right now, where I am, is just like, enough. * Sometimes it feels like we're all living in some kind of prison, and the crime is how much we hate ourselves. * When someone compliments your parents, there's, like, nothing to say. * How did locking kids in their room get such a bad rap? * I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother. It just means too much to her. * To raise a girl is to walk on eggshells half the time. * Maybe teachers have a hidden life, where they're actually, like, human. * If only there was some button that I could just push to force me to stop talking. * They say that colleges really like it if you play more than one instrument. * There are so many different ways to be connected to people * Halloween is your one chance all year to be someone else. * Walking into someone's house for the first time is like entering another country. * The only really great foods are appetizers and desserts. * When you're yearbook photographer, you're, like, never in the picture. * Boys are less afraid of being wrong. * A person can have feelings for someone even if they're not like, THE person. * It's always tempting to lose yourself with someone, who's maybe lost themselves.


The castle-building habit, the day-dreaming habit--how it grows! what a luxury it becomes; how we fly to its enchantments at every idle moment, how we revel in them, steep our souls in them, intoxicate ourselves with their beguiling fantasies--oh, yes, and how soon and how easily our dream-life and our material life become so intermingled and so fused together that we can't quite tell which is which, anymore.

- Mark Twain "The $30,000 Bequest"

A Few of My Favorite Places to Eat

Ruby River Steak House (Riverdale, UT)
Spaghetti Mama's
Neisha's (Falls Church, VA)
Outback Steak House
Café Rio
Paradise Bakery
The Blue Bayou (Disneyland)

recipe exchange!

Liz's Enchaladas
3-4 giant Table spoons of Sour Cream
Half a can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 or 2 Cooked & Chopped Chicken Breasts
Lots of Cheese probably 3 cups or so
1 can of enchalada sauce
6-8 Flour Tortillas
Heat oven to 350 degrees
Mix Sour Cream, Chicken, Soup and a couple hand fulls of cheese and one spoon full of enchalada sauce. Cover bottom of 8x8 in pan  or 9x13 pan (depends on how much you want to squish to get everything in the pan) with some enchalada sauce. Fill tortillas with about 2 table spoons of filling each. Roll and place in pan. Cover with the rest of the enchalada sauce. Cook for 20-25 minutes add some more cheese and cook for about 5 minutes more.
Serve with rice. Yum.
 ** If desired you could also add chili peppers, tomatoes, onion, whatever sounds good in an enchalada. But they really are good just the way they are.

I’m a little miffed

Last night I was searching through old files on my computer it’s been a while, and I’m not to sure what I do or do not have since my previous computer “Lenny” died and our friend tried to save what he could off our old hard drive. So it was fun and interesting for a while... lots of old letters and journal entries that are really random and lots of new/old revelations of what I would let people get away with and what I would share with others. I was a lot more open before my mission on what I was thinking and what was going on. Apparently once I even let Toby read my poetry and stories and it sounded like I was okay with it. (it is not often I let the big gray binder out of my hands) **shrug** Does she even remember that? Funny what a person can forget in 8 years. :)
Anyway as I was reading through a file entitled “Memoirs” I was pleased to read most of my poetry from 1996-1999 it was enlightening and insightful and a little dark and lonely.
However, about midway through my memoirs there is a story entitled “Sojourner” that is incomplete.... somewhere along the way the last half of my story was replaced by “////////////////////adljl;sg .........//./////////////””????>:”:”:{?>?> ??/////////////// _ _ _ _ _-----///////////FGH ;;;;; /////////” let me tell you that made me quite angry and sad to wonder if I still have that story written on paper somewhere and if so, where. I know that they are just words, and that no one will probably ever read them but me, but it’s now like a missing piece of my soul that I don’t know if I can retrieve.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Something That You Said

Here are the words to song # 4 on my original "My 25 Favorite Songs" list:

Something that you Said – The Beautiful South

The perfect love song it has now words it only has death threats
And you can tell a classic ballad by how threatening it gets
So if you walk into your house and she's cutting up your mother
She's only trying to tell you that she loves you like no other
No other, she loves you like no other.

The only emotions that i know are love and hate
And she's chopping & she's changing & it's making you afraid
I said close your eyes and imagine that i'm nice
She'll kiss you or she'll kill you but you'll just have to wait

Because some things that i do make you go blue
And something that you said made me go red

The perfect love has no emotions, it only harbours doubt
And if she fears your intentions she will cut you out
So do not raise your voice and do not shake your fist
Just pass her the carving knife, if that's what she insists
Insists, if that's what she insists

A hate tattoo on my brain and a love one on my heart
I'd love to hate you, like i love you
And just tear your dreams apart
I said close your eyes and imagine that i'm nice
Cupid's arrow looking more like cupid's poisoned dart

Because some things that i do make you go blue
And something that you said made me go red

Because some things that i do make you go blue
And something that you said made me go red

The perfect kiss is dry as sand and doesn't take your breath
The perfect kiss is with the boy that you've just stabbed to death

Is with the boy that you've just stabbed to death
Is with the boy that you've just stabbed to death

Monday, November 12, 2007

Movies I watched this weekend

An American Werewolf in London - Okay (seen this one a few times it's okay)
The Ultimate Gift - Great (sappy but sweet)

Wow! A whole day without a post...

Did you think I had died?

Well this weekend was special.
I spent Friday night helping my sister pack her room so she could move. That was very interesting. I was put in charge of packing her cedar chest and was amazed at the treasures I found there. She has the Mrs. Buterworth bottle that sat in the window of the “girls room” for as long as I can remember. I had actually been thinking about that bottle a while back and wondering what ever happened to it and if it was still in the window at moms house. Friday answered my question. There were so many things I’d pull out and say wow I forgot all about this, or I didn’t know she had this, and I remember this.... It was fun. And yes everything that was in her cedar chest stayed with her. I didn’t prestidigitate anything while I was in there. :)
Another funny thing about helping her pack was that I am constantly getting guff from my husband about how every time we move he has to move a box of rocks. Do you know how many rocks I packed for my sister?? About as many as I have. I think mine are bigger though so it seems like more.
Saturday.... I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I hate waking up early on Saturdays. So I laid in bed for quite a while tossing and turning until I’d had it and forced myself to get up. I had a headache that in he few hours I was awake turned into a migraine. So I took 2 migraine pills and went back to bed. This was around 11:30 or 12-ish. I got up again around 7 and had dinner and made a trip to the grocery store. That was a useless day.
Sunday was another Sunday that I didn’t want to go to church. I have decided I have a lot of animosity towards the church due to John’s work situation even though I try to convince myself that the church office building and the church really are two different worlds and I shouldn’t judge one because of the other. I also can’t stand the judgmental-ness of people in my ward. There are a lot of well-to-do families in our ward and they seem to think they are better then everyone else. There are less then 200 active members of the ward, and only about 60 are willing to hold a calling. I wonder why the rest of the ward is in active? Could it be that they are also feeling left out and looked down upon and like they’d rather not go to church and sit by themselves and have no one talk to them? Hmm. That’s my guess. I also have a tough time sitting there watching other people with their babies and their little families and thinking that may never be me. John is having a hard time with that last part too.
We both have callings. I am the Relief Society Chorister and John is the 2nd Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. In the almost 1.5 years that John has had this calling there has never been a presidency meeting. The President has never once called to see where john is when we haven’t shown up for long periods of time and he isn’t very organized so every Sunday it’s kind of a scramble to get things done. We haven’t been to church in 3 months and no one has made an effort to talk to us. Even our home teachers have stopped coming. The Relief Society President did come by 2 weeks ago to see where I was and if I was okay, but where was she 2 months ago. Did anyone know I was sick for 2 months? Did anyone care to ask?
So, yeah, I’m having a hard time with going to church. John needs to go or he’ll lose his job, but it’s hard to go when you don’t fit in anywhere. So I stayed home and baked a pie.
There’s my weekend for you. Enjoy your update.

first half of your reoccurring dreams by Ratch2K

Reoccurring dreams happen during certain circumstances of your life. Each time you have one of these dreams notice what is going on in your life at that time. Pay attention to what happened the day before you have each certain dream and you may notice some of these things happening.

Dream #1

I dream that I am trapped in the stairwells that lead from the basement of the Kaysville Tabernacle up to the balcony (everyone calls it the cry room) and I can’t leave the stairs. Once in a while I get off the stairs and get stuck in the chapel, but I can never get out of the building or out of the chapel once I’m inside.

When you dream about being trapped, this indicates a lack of movement in your life. Are you stuck in a situation you don’t know how to get out of? Stairs represent a progression or regression depending on which way you are going. You always want to find yourself going up to the next level. When you dream about rooms, each room reflects a different aspect of the self. Therefore we look at what the room is used for, in this case it’s a balcony which is called the cry room and a chapel. The cry room would be a room where mothers would take their crying babies to not disturb everyone else in church. When you have this dream do you feel like there is something you need to quite yourself about? When you find yourself in the chapel, this could indicate learning new spiritual things. And lastly, these dreams take place in the Kaysville Tabernacle. Whenever you see a building in your dream it represents something in your life you have already built. If it’s huge and towering this represents success, if it’s falling apart there may be something in your life you’re neglecting. In this case it’s a Tabernacle/church. This would be a place for spiritual healing. Perhaps these dreams come during times when you feel you need some spiritual healing??

Dream #2

I dream of buying/owning the house kiddy corner from the Kaysville Tabernacle that belonged to Barla Jones’ parents (I can’t remember their names for the life of me) I am either always taking a tour of it with an agent, or moving in.

Homes tell us about our state of mind. I am not familiar with this house, if it’s an old house that would indicate out of date attitudes or an old soul. If the house is run down you may be feeling tired or run down. If the house is under construction this would indicate that you are rebuilding yourself or undergoing some sort of a transformation. When you are taking a tour of the house, each room reflects a different aspect of the self. Think about what each of the rooms are used for. If you touring this house it could be a discovery of new elements of your personality, if you are moving in this could indicate a new beginning.

Dream #3

I dream about the basement at my parents house. It is accessible by going through the hole behind the license plate that has been against the back of the house for as long as I can remember.

A basement indicates a place where you store memories, attitudes, behaviors, etc. that you would like to forget about and that you keep below the surface. It can also symbolize the past. Your parent’s house would represent your ideas, behaviors (good and bad) that began there. It could mean a desire to be taken care of like you were back then. This could also indicate you are behaving childishly. This could be a reminder not to behave as you did back then or to treat others as you were treated then. The part I find interesting is that you get in by moving a license plate that’s against the back of the house. A license plate is used to keep one within the law. I honestly don’t have anything on this one for you, so if I’m way off that’s why. Could this be a reminder to be honest with yourself or others?

Sorry, the second half is to be continued…

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Saturday routine. Noranti in the laundry.
Happy Saturday. I just have to say I really enjoyed the dream analyzing on Liz's blog. That was fun. I also had a funny conversation with a friend of mine. He is legally blind in one eye. This means he's isn't allow to drive. He has tried learning several times. It has never gone well for him. He called me last night to tell me he bought a car. Yep that's right he bought a car. He bought is for him and his soon to be wife. Witch is a long story in and of itself. I just had to laugh. The next time you are in your car look out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The loyalty of Liz's cats amazes me. I came home yesterday without Liz. She was helping Jessica. I came inside the house,and petted the cats. Then the fat cat stars howling when i close the door and walked away. There she sat howling waiting for Liz to come home. i change and got ready to finish a project. She stayed right there. Cats are weird.

Cat? What cat?

Reoccurring Dreams –

I dream that I am trapped in the stairwells that lead from the basement of the Kaysville Tabernacle up to the balcony (everyone calls it the cry room) and I can’t leave the stairs. Once in a while I get off the stairs and get stuck in the chapel, but I can never get out of the building or out of the chapel once I’m inside.

I dream of buying/owning the house kiddy corner from the Kaysville Tabernacle that belonged to Barla Jones’ parents (I can’t remember their names for the life of me) I am either always taking a tour of it with an agent, or moving in.

I dream about the basement at my parents house. It is accessible by going through the hole behind the license plate that has been against the back of the house for as long as I can remember.

I dream about the boy I loved in high school. A lot. But he never remembers me and I rarely can get him to look at me or talk to me. Some times he doesn’t remember my name but more often then not he doesn’t know me at all.

I dream about being in high school all the time. I can never remember my schedule and I can’t ever get to my classes on time, if I can even find them. There was one dream that the school was going to blow up because someone had put a bomb in the underground parking lot and I tried warning people to get out because it was going to blow, but no one believed me so I fled to the junior college just up the hill and watched the whole school blow up with everyone in it.

I dream of going to Andrea’s friend Brenda’s house to feed the chinchillas that are in the basement.

Too Good Not To Share

I heard from another sister missionary today about certain things I have said on my blog in the past. I informed her of my blog in a mass email of the "2007 Getting to Know You" that I sent to some missionary friends today. She was kind enough to write me back and share her feelings with me and I would like to share them with the rest of you. Her name has been removed and there is a little language (fair warning) but here it is:

Hey Liz, well the comment about writing about hating certain missionaries made me curiously check your blog, and I am sorry but I have to say....I hated those sisters too. Especially Norman who was just an all out fake bitch, and Stringham...who was the sister who decided to make it her mission to get me sent home. I have however forgiven Stringy since then because I found that she got depressed and lonely and couldn't get out of bed at one point as a sister either.

Also, as for people always asking you about a baby....people don't seem to bother me with that....but I want to say that I think it is one of the most insensitive and idiotic questions a person could ask. Why do people think that is any of their business?

Well I guess that is all...since I am not a blogger yet I couldn't comment directly on the blogs. Oh, and the person that commented that you were rude is I think that annoying sister missionary that is like in love with President Wade, and her mission in general so I wouldn't feel too bad.

I wish I could have kitties, but they make me sneeze, Love ya

My Dream Analyzed - c/o Ratch2K

YAY!!! I already did last night in hopes you'd say yes!!! You'll have to tell me how accurate I am, I am at work so I can post to my blog by e-mailing myself but I don't dare go look at blogs or post anything so if you want it posted...go ahead!!! :)

my responses are in blue:

First, you are driving on your road trip. Your path turns. These are important signs in a dream because anytime you are in a car you want to be the driver in your dream. If you are driving, it's a sign of having control of your life vs. if you're the passenger you feel you are out of control. Second, you are going down a path to your sisters but get side tracked. This represents your life path. The type of road and the condition of it represent how your present journey in life is. The fact that you got side tracked…are you feeling that you aren't on the right path?
I don't remember who was driving, only that we were on the way to Washington. Am I not on the right Path? probably not. I feel like I'm at a crossroad in my life right now.

Then you decided to go to a ghost town. Houses are our states of mind. So where you are seeing old abandoned houses this could mean that you are feeling run down, tired, old, or out of date attitudes.
I'm always feeling tired. I hate dreams where I'm tired in the dream and then i wake up tired in the morning. ugh! Maybe my attitude is out of date. I'm totally negitive and have felt lately that I should be more optimistic. AND I'm almost 30 and I have accomplished very little in my life.

The ghosts could be from your thoughts last night, or they could also represent something that should no longer be an issue, or something that should be buried.
Hmmm the ghosts I can't think of anything right now that should be buried or should no longer be an issue. I think this may just be due to Rancor's ghost post and thinking about my house being haunted before going to sleep. Maybe I'll have to ponder this further.

You had a mini tape recorder with you, maybe points to a memory?
I have a mini tape recorder that I carried with my from the time John went on his mission until just after I got married. It currently has a cassette in it from my susan who hates me that I have never listened to. I put it in a box.

The ghosts start attacking you so you have to run back to your car. This could represent either running from an issue or afraid of a confrontation. The attacking could be along the lines of hurtful remarks.
I'm always running from confrontation. I'm a follower not a leader and I don't want to be pointed out or the center of attention (even though most people would disagree with that statement) I avoid issues like the plague I'd just like to have a happy smooth life but that just isn't happening right now.

Then you are pulled into a room with a bunch of sister missionaries who are auditioning. This could mean you feel tested or need to pass a situation. The part where you felt unprepared could mean a fear of failure and the missionary situation could represent either a need to be more disciplined or being overly disciplined and responsible.
I also look at this as being judged. I hated auditioning for everything because it put me on the spot and I'd usually fail. Maybe I hate feeling judged by the other sister missionaries because i wasn't as good of a missionary as I could have been. Fear of failure, yes. I have missionary dreams all the time I can see how that can relate to my lack of disciplin or maybe part guilt over being less active in church.

Food represents taking in spiritual, intellectual, or emotional nourishment. Drinking is the need or desire to drink in someone's or something's energy or qualities or a thirst for knowledge. This can also point to your diet.
Nourisment, yeah, I could use some of that. spiritual, intellectual and emotional. I'm going to go with the thirst for knowlege, I have felt very uneducated lately. My diet? bleh.

You missed the bus. This would point to missing an opportunity in waking life.
Correction, I didn't miss the bus. I almost missed the bus and I am missing opportunities in my waking life.

Then you become in charge of everyone. This is a good sign in your dream because you are in charge of life or situations.
I can see that. I feel like I'm in charge of everything, and it drives me crazy even though John reminds me all the time that I'm not in charge of everything and I don't have to do it all myself.

Next you feel unprepared again so you go to a comic book store looking for your Jedi outfit tunic and cloak. A comic book store may be a need for knowledge; the comic part makes me think of fun, laughter, the kid in you. The interesting part is your clothes. This represents your behavior you put on to show the world. Buying clothes indicates a desire to put on a new attitude or behavior pattern. Changing clothes represents a change in your attitude. The cloak represents wisdom and enlightenment.
I think the comic book store might represent John. He's a comic book nut. It also happens to be a sore spot in our perfect world, I'm not as fond of comic books as he'd like me to be. In fact somedays I out right hate them, but he loves them so it's okay. Maybe I need to find the kid in me and have more fun and laughter. My clothes represent my behavior to the world. Hm. Jedi's are very disiplined and well put together. People think I'm well put together. I can see that.

You can't find your lightsaber. This may not be a bad thing because the lightsaber could represent a desire to sever ties, separate yourself from a particular issue or cut something out of your life. So maybe when you can't find it you are deciding not to cut something out of your life.
Yes, Maybe I was going to go back and kill everyone. MuHaHA HAha ha HAha (evil laugh).

Then you go back and see all these people that have turned into people that you went to high school with. You have to get them back into order but one of them won't comply and suddenly he is naked. Naked represents feeling vulnerable, exposed, embarrassed, and unprepared to deal with a certain situation. Reveal the truth; get down to the bare facts. In particular though, you knew who this kid was. When a person shows up in your dream that you do not live with, (including parents and siblings) they never represent themselves. You should think of three qualities that come to mind when you think of this person and apply them to yourself.
I thought he was stupid becuse he was runing around naked. Maybe I was just being judgemental. :) 3 qualities of Jeff Dopp? I rememebr him as being a stuck on himself jerk who only hung out with the rich popular kids, but now he's fat. Ha Ha. What does this mean to me? who knows... reveal the truth huh? I wonder what truth I'm looking for.

Ok. Thats it. Hope your having a great day!!!
Thanks Ratch2K this was fun. You're welcome to my dreams anytime.